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Mary Engelbreit

Hey gals, did you know that Mary Engelbreit has her own magazine? Really it's called Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion and it looks like a wonderful magazine. The online magazine features a hands on section with tutorials. Ohhh, looks like a wonderful use of high gloss paper.

I found ME magazine while looking at one of my favorite crafty blogs, HELLO my name is Heather.
Heather really is a princess living in wonderland. She has a wonderful blog and please make sure you check out her, my studio link, it's like a dream.

Lately I've really been into all these crafty blogs. Some people are so talented. Another great blog I like to frequent is Today's Creative Blog. I love this blog and she links to tons of top crafting blogs. Anyhoo, I thought I would share this with ya and I'm sure you'll be motivated to get busy and creative!


  1. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Ooooo, what a gold mine! Thanks for the links!!! :-)


  2. I've been to Heather"s and I do like how she combines colors and prints. Thanks for the link to a new craft site. I thought I new them all, lol.

  3. Great Links! Thank you!

  4. Tori,
    Your apron is SO nice! I like the button on towel.

    Thank you for the great links!


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