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2500 Inches

That's how many inches my little sewing machine sewed. (is sewed past tense for sew??) I made sheers for the living room and kitchen, the same room and it took forever. Actually I have decided it takes way too long to make something like curtains and next time I'll buy them. This week I'm going to head to the local fabric shop and see what I can find for accent fabric. I'm going to make side panels to go on each window.
I haven't really had motivation lately to finish decorating. I have a photo project I'm going to do. I took all my old colorful frames and sprayed them black and I'm going to make a collection of family pictures on one wall. You wouldn't believe how expensive frames are here, even little 5x5 plastic frames are $8. Is that theft? I think so.

Also I ordered 3 Clover bias tape makers and my friend is mailing them to me. They should be here in 3 weeks so I'm waiting for those to make my green apron.

Oh yea Have you played Twister lately? Tonight we played as a family and we had so much fun. It was a blast and hmmm, I won twice!! I was pretty excited about beating my skinny young-uns.

You know, it's important to play with our kids. When we play we build relationships and friendships. It's a great thing to have kids who actually like their parents, it makes family life that much sweeter. :0)


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  2. I beat my kids at Twister too. But they get mad and say I'm cheating just because I push them off the mat. Go figure! HA!

    YOu did a great job on your curtains. Can't wait to see the panels you pick out.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog... I'm very glad you did... it allowed me to find yours :o) Thank you for leaving the comforts (and street preaching :o) of home and going to a foreign country to preach the gospel...

    We actually just walked in from street preaching in Orlando, FL, and I am happy to tell you that a 15 year old boy trusted Christ as his Saviour! Someone handed him a tract, he walked away, read it, and came back to tell us he had trusted Jesus! Then, he asked one of the young men with us how to begin living a "Christian life"! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

    Thanks again! It's nice to "meet you."


  4. Those sheers are gorgeous! I wish I had a sewing machine (um, and how to use it, lol) so that I could make some pretty things for our home, too. :) Can't wait to see the finished project!

    Oh, and congrats on beating your kids! Caleb's not really old enough to play Twister yet, lol, but I do try to keep in mind that I need to play with him and continue to build that relationship. Thanks for the reminder that it's worth it!

  5. I've thought about spray painting all my wooden frames black. Even though some of them are different styles, I thought it would help them look more uniform if I painted them all black. It's neat to see someone else have the same idea!!
    Your sheers look so lovely.

  6. Hey fellow Texan. I tried to "come over" yesterday, but blogger was not liking me! Enjoy the party!

  7. The sheers are really pretty. I'm needing new curtains for my living room. I looked at sewing some and figured out it was just as cheap here in the states to buy some!

    Mark and I were in Joann's last week and saw a bias tape maker and thought of you!

  8. You did a wonderful job on the sheers, Tori! Twister is always fun, I never win though. LOL

  9. The sheers look are brave, that was a whole lot of on Twister, think you would be calling 911 to come and rescue me...LOL


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