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Vonage, Oh yea!!!

Okay for any of you out there that still doesn't know what Vonage is and what they can do for you, well let me tell you!

We signed up with Vonage while still in the states and brought all of our Vonage stuff with us when we returned to Croatia. Well, Vonage has been so wonderful. For $24.99 a month (and a highspeed internet connection) we get unlimited calls to anywhere in the states from Croatia and this isn't your Skype quality phone call either. In our office at home we have two phones, one phone rings a very catchy tune and we immediatly know it's a special call from a family member of friend. The other phone rings and we know that we better answer Molim, since it's our Croatian line. Not only can we call but they can call us for free, or for whatever it would cost them in the states. Our Vonage area code is 817 since we're from Texas, that's the number we chose, but you can choose any number for anywhere in the states.

So if your a missionary on a foreign field and tired of paying those huge phone bills after talking to Grandma too long, then Vonage is for you. Check it out, we love it!
** and for your information, I'm not getting a commision from Vonage ;O)


  1. oH, I am so happy for you. I know that is a real blessing from God. I am so glad that it works for you all the way in Croatia. What a blessing.

    I think of you about each day and I am praying for you and your family. May God bless you greatly. love you, Tori, connie from Texas

  2. At least you have high speed internet - we only have dial up in our small town in Italy! Our neighbors don't even have a land line phone - there aren't enough "drops" in our town!

    We do have an excellent phone plan though - we can call mainland western Europe and the US, unlimited calls, for only 12 euro per month!

  3. Vonage is GREAT! except in Paraguay where the government has blocked it.


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