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Oh Goody Goody Gumdrops!

Oh I'm so excited, guess what I just learned a few days ago....Okay I'll tell you. My very best friend Amanda is coming to Croatia!!!! Yes you heard me, Croatia, to see me. Oh my, I'm so excited. For so long we have talked about her life as a preachers wife in Texas and my life in Croatia, I could picture what she told me, having been there but she had no idea what Croatia was like. I'm so excited that I get to show her around my Home Away From Home.

Her and her husband, pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Wylie, TX are coming either this spring or in the fall. I can't wait. Just wanted to share that with ya, I'm sure your so happy for me, right? right.
BTW, I'm on the right.


  1. Oh, I'm SO excited for you, Tori! I know you will have so much fun showing your friend all around your beloved country. Be sure to post lots of pics when they come.

    Wes said he knows your friends, but I can't place them. He keeps up with all the pastors we've ever met, and I vaguely remember two or three - deputation was a blur! LOL

  2. Oh YAY!! I'm very happy for you. A special part of home is coming to you and it brings hugs~I hope time flies for y'all until then.


  3. That sounds so exciting! I also just noticed that you have a link to my website on your sidebar. Thank you very much for that. Is there any way you could change it from my about page to my blog page. Unless of course you meant to point it to the about page. Then, of course, this is your blog and I apologize! Also, I am adding a link to your blog from mine and I am subscribing to your feed! Thanks again.

  4. I'm happy for you! Very happy for you! In the picture you two look like sisters. And I guess in a way you are lol

  5. This is wonderful will have so much
    hooray for you,

  6. Thanks Ladies,
    I am very excited, it sounds like they'll be here in the fall, which is fine because it'll give me enough time to settle in.

    Oh yea Susan,
    The Rasbearys graduated from Norris with Bro. Micky's guys were there, back in '97. Maybe that's where you know them from. Maybe!


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