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Just Stuff

Well the house is coming along, slowly but it's coming. We have all the furniture where it goes and Johnny's side of the office is finished and looking very neat and masculine. The other half of the office is for a futon, when we get the money and my sewing table and stuff. I really want to put up some shelves and put all my fabric where I can actually see it instead of tucked in buckets, we'll see.

We are off to the Police Station this morning, we have permanant residence but we still have to let them know that we're back in the country and sign some papers. Then we'll be legal again, it's a great feeling.

I remember before we were saved that feeling of guilt for sin in our lives, hey a clean conscience is the greatest gift. I'm so glad we get freedom from guilt through Christ! (don't know why I got on that)

I'm not reading anything at the moment, actually I was reading at When Risque is Okay, but it's my second time through so I'm in no hurry. The days seem so short here, not alot of time for anything, well maybe if I budgeted better and didn't blog so much, and read 'em.

Well we are headed to the capitol tomorrow to look at a minivan, I'm sure praying this is the van we have been waiting for. We have decided to wait until God gives us the perfect van. He has always given us what we needed so we're waiting for Him to do it again. With the Euro Dollar being so strong now, we're not getting much for our money. Right now 100 Euros is $150, so we're sure not getting a very good exchange rate, oh we'll we rest in knowing that our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

Thought I would share this picture of Hannah making biscuits for breakfast, they turned out very good, actually they are really fluffy and take oil instead of shortning, much easier. Here's the recipe:


2 c. all purpose flour

1 tsp. salt

1 tbsp. baking powder

1 tbsp. sugar

1/3 c. oil

smidgen less than a c. of milk

Mix all the dry ingrdients together. Add oil and cut in with a pastry blender until it looks like rough meal.
Add the milk and combine with a wooden spoon (a must for a good southern cook), sprinkle a bit more flour if the dough is too sticky.
Flour a working area and roll your dough out to about 3/4 of an inch. Okay, for you who have a special cutter for biscuits, get it out, for the rest of us country folk, find that glass that works best. Flour the glass or cutter, :o) and start cutting.
Make sure to reuse the left over dough, I remix it and finish it off.
Put in a preheated over at 150 C. I think thats 325 F. Let bake until lightly brown on top, the darker they get the dryer they will get.

Anyhoo, that's my stuff for today, have a good one!


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Ooooo, yummy!!! I can't wait to try the biscuit recipe! Thanks, lady!!! :-)


  2. We are experiencing a strong Canadian dollar, and as a result, our spending power is down by about 33% from when we moved here! The CAD and the USD are equal right now.

    Yummy biscuits! It's nice to have a helper in the kitchen!

  3. The Biscuits look and sounds great. Love that bed skirt too, it made the room look so much better.

  4. I'm sure the biscuits were yummy! Tell Hannah she looks cute in a hat.


  5. Looks like your Hannah is doing a great job there with the biscuits. I had to make the biscuits when I was her age. My husband is sure glad that I did. Hope the search for the perfect van is accomplished soon. Glad things are still going smoothly. love you, connie from Texas

  6. Mmmmm homemade ANYTHING is yummy...

  7. Susan,

    We have lost over 40% of our income just because of the dollar against the euro, that's why we took furlough. Sadly I don't think it's gonna get any better. :0(

  8. Thanks for posting, Tori.
    Have a good day

  9. I loved looking at the pictures of your new house, it's gorgeous! And that sunset.....AMAZING!!

    You did a really nice job on making the bed skirt too.

    I'm sorry about the financial concerns. We recently had a missionary to Uganda at our church and he talked about the same thing.


  10. Stephen is going to try your biscuits for Home Ec this week. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hannah is so cute and her biscuits look delicious!

  12. Your bed skirt is fabulous! Your house is awesome! We made the big daddy biscuits, and they were great! Thanks! ~Jeri Lynn

    PS: We scrolled back and watched your presentation video--very interesting, touching and well done!


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