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Hump Day!

Today the Hannah (DD) and I went to Crown College Southwest to hear Daddy preach. We preached in the chapel and did a wonderful job. We were so proud of him, we always are. He preached a great message called, We will not bow the knee. It was really good and if I were a man I would really have let go. :0)

After we got home Joshua, Hannah and I had some fun making these candy cane reindeer. Since tonight is church Hannah figured she would make some for her friends. Oh yea if you would like to make some of these cute little guys, you can go to Martha Stewart dot com to get all the info including the template. Super easy craft for little hands.

Messing around with the camera today and I snapped this photo, Hannah (10 yrs.) and her sweet Daddy(35). I don't know which one is more onry!

Yesterday during my quiet time I was reading the small devotional book, Baptist Bread. I really enoyed the story about Surgeon and another famous preacher walking through a field together. The Preacher told Spurgeon a short joke and they began to laugh wildly until their sides hurt. Immediatly they both dropped to their knees and thanked God for laughter.

It's funny how we miss all those little things.
We were driving down the highway Sunday returning to Texas from Arkansas when I noticed how beautiful the trees were. Fall comes late in Texas and the trees were every color of red and orange. I went on and on about how lovely the colors were until I remembered that little devotional. I immediatly thought of the verse in Romans that says, "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the CREATOR, who is blessed for ever. Amen". I realized that this was what I was doing, I was going on and on about the trees when I should have been going on and on about the One who created the trees.

Anyhow, it really spoke to my heart and I'm learning to appreciate even the smallest blessings.

Well, hope you all have a wonderful Humpday!!!


  1. I am sitting here looking out my window watching the snow gently falling. I was thinking how beautiful the earth is right now, how peaceful and clean. thank you for the reminder to remember the one who sent the snow and made it so beautiful.

  2. Great post...cute little reindeer...
    oh...don't you just feel so much better after a good doeth good like medicine.
    and you are so right about worshipping the creation...more than the creator...a great reminder to praise the Lord for the beauty HE has created..

  3. what a beautiful little girl you have there tori!!! and what a great picture of her with her daddy. I think that one may be a framer!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful weds!

  4. It's easy to get caught up in the beauty of God's creation, but what a wonderful reminder to praise the Creator for His work!

  5. You know I never thought about what that really meant, I knew the verse:,,worshiped and served the creature more than the CREATOR,,, but you have opened my eyes here. When I see snow, (that I miss a lot) when I see big hills like in Kerrville Texas, or see pictures of big mountains, my heart is moved. But why was it moved,,?? Was it because I was thinking of how God made it all? Or was I just thinking about the "thing" it's self?

    you got me on my soapbox Sister!

  6. Where is this Crown College. I know of one, but wasn't sure if it was the same one. The one I'm thinking of is in Tennessee, Brother Sexton's school.

    Loved the picture of daddy and daughter. Too cute!

    And I loved the little reindeer candy canes. That Martha Stewart has some good ideas. LOL


  7. *poke*poke*

    I tagged you! Hopefully you'll have time to participate! :~)

  8. Kristi,

    Crown College SW is a part of the Crown College in TN. Bro. Sexton chose to take over another Bible college down here in Texas and it's now part of Crown College. It used to be the Norris Bible Baptist Ins. in Ft. Worth, TX, started by Dr. Raymond Barber but now it's not. my husband graduated from there in '97, when the school was really booming. We're excited to see what's happening. Bro. knickenbocker is incharge right now at Crown College SW and we've enjoyed getting to know him.

    anyhow, hope that answers your question.

  9. Hey tori, I dont know if no one ever brought it to your attention but under your picture in your little bio thing you have that you are KJB only and wont apologize or something to that effect.. not sure but i think maybe you meant KJV???? LOL

    just thought you would want to know! :P

  10. Kristi Jo,

    Thanks for the heads up about my bio, I actually meant to put KJB and not KJV. I know what KJV is but I put KJB for King James Bible.
    Thanks anyhoo!

  11. HA HA HA duh!!!!!!

    Yah makes sense... NOW... ha ha ha

    but I am this slow blond girl :P

  12. and I knew you knew what it meant ;) i thought maybe it was typo cause i mess up my bs and vs all the time... So i was like oh she is just like me...
    I always say gabe instead of gave and so on and so forth... again, dizzy blonde girl :P

  13. Wonderful post, one that I will remember. Thank for the reminder that it is the Creator and not the creature. Thanks, Tori, Glad you are all staying safe and happy. connie from texas


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