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TV Dinners?

Well as you know we've been in Amarillo, Texas for the last few days while visiting Pan Handle churches. Well we are staying in a place that has a kitchen or at least a microwave so we've been buying TV dinners at Wal-mart and nuking them to save money.

Well today we're on the freezer isle and my kids bring to my attention that a lady going down the same isle had flour, chicken breast, veggies and lots of stuff to cook. Then my nice kids began to point out to me what was in my basket, TV dinners, chips, little debbies and all sorts of empty calorie foods. "Hey mom, do you even know how to cook?" "Your like a modern day woman, you don't cook." Well HA HA HA!

As I looked into my basket that's exactly what it looked like. I could just imagine people thinking that my stove had never been used and I couldn't make a decent meal if my life depended on it. Shame washed over me. As we left the freezer isle I noticed some XXL T-shirts in the end display so I determined this was the disquise I needed, not for me but to cover all those TV dinners.

We finished shopping and headed to the register. As we neared the front I figured that I could take the disquise off and pay. As we're standing at the register and the 40ish lady was checking us out my dear husband go an idea. He looks over at me and says, "I need to get you direct TV so you can watch all the cooking shows." I look at him in disbelief and he goes on to say, "I'm tired of eating TV dinners!" I'm in shock now and can't figure out what to say. I didn't, didn't say anything, just stood in shock thinking how I could get back at him, good!!!

Well it has been a long time since I cooked a home-cooked meal, but I can, really I can. I'm a good cook and love it too. So anyhoo, I thought this was funny and would share it with you. Do you feel sorry for me yet??? :0)


  1. that is have some way to pay him back when least expected.....LOL..I believe you...
    really I do.

  2. Oh Tori, that is toooooo....funny. I can't stop laughing! I believe you can cook! ;) I usually get back at my DH by giving him extra veggies (that he does not like) under the mashed potatoes (that he does like) the best part is the anticipation on the girls faces as they wait for daddy to take a bite! He never lets them down!
    ~Michelle C

  3. Tori, do you have a phone where I can reach you?
    Email me at neilarias at hotmail

    We are in Albuquerque and we have skype here. Yeah!

  4. LOL! Paybacks are ugly!!!!! LOL!

    Well, I can tell you what I did to my DH. :D While he was taking a shower, washing his hair, I climbed up and leaned over the top of the shower curtain. Everytime he would just about get the soap rinsed out of his hair I would dribble a little bit more on his head. This went on for quite a while before he finally caught me...LOL...he just kept scrubbing and scrubbing...

    ROFLOL! I am laughing all over again here! When he finally realized what I was up to he laughed about as hard as I did. LOL! I think I shocked him because I am usually not a practical joker.

    Anyway, there is one idea for you. :-D

    God bless!

  5. Oh Chelsie,

    That's the best one yet, I'm gonna try that one, let you know how it goes. :0)

  6. That was too funny~I am so thankful Ron is a quiet guy and wouldn't pull something like that....At least I don't THINK he would.;)


  7. Great! Glad to help. ;) :-D Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!! LOL!

    God bless!

  8. lol, I always feel a little bit guilty if I ever buy a TV dinner. :) However, I don't think anyone (aka my husband) has ever pointed it out very loudly.


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