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Great Author

I wanted to share a new author with you. I can totally vouch for him, he just happens to be my best friend's husband. Although he is my BF's husband he is a wonderful author. He writes good, practical books and he is a very strait, independent, fundamental and conservative Baptist. He pastors a wonderful soul-winning church near Dallas that he planted 7 or so years ago.

Bro. Rasbeary is also a professor at Trinity Baptist Bible College in Arlington, Texas.

Check it out, he also is so gracious to allow FREE download of almost all his books. I would encourage you to buy them though, he is a wonderful steward and gives way more than he receives.

Bro. Rasbeary wrote this must-have handbook for any church planter. He didn't just write a book about it, he did it. He planted a church in a very hard area of Dallas and after 7 years they have more that 3/4 of their membership show up for soul-winning on a regular basis. He didn't just write it, he did it. Makes a wonderful Christmas gift!Another great book!Haven't actually read this one but I know it has to be a good one. Bro. Rasbeary is very studied and spends much time researching.

With Christmas coming up these would make great gifts if not stocking-stuffers. You won't be disappointed!

These are just a few of his great books, go ahead take a few secs and check out some of his books. Also he has found many good, out of print books and has put them back in print for us. Thanks Bro. Rasbeary!

Bro. Rasbeary's books at

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