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Throwed Rolls!!!

Well we all have a new favorite cafe to eat at, LAMBERTS CAFE. Have you ever been there? Wow it's worth the trip and for most people it would be a trip since there are only 3 in the US.

Lamberts is a very unique place, they throw rolls, hence the title throwed rolls. :o) Oh yea and if your going make sure you haven't eaten in quite a while. They feed you so much it's almost a waste. I ordered chicken friend steak with mashed potatos and cole slaw, well I thought that was what I would get but boy was I mistaken. My food came and it was just what I ordered but huge portions. They do a wonderful thing, they bring around pans and bowls full of goodies. By goodies I mean friend potatos and onions, beans, fried okra, cole slaw, and of course all the throwed rolls you can eat.

The one thing I would suggest is make sure you brush up on your catching before hand. They have been seen throwing the rolls from 30 feet away. It was a wonderful experience.

Hannah had a birthday on Sunday so we celebrated with her at Lamberts. They were wonderful and honored Hannah with a heaping bowl of banana pudding. Yummy!!


  1. I'VE BEEN THERE!!!!! Well, the one in Missouri. My Aunt used to live there and when we went to see her she took us there for lunch. The atmosphere was really fun.


  2. Been there once, dying to go back! Not exactly your best bet for a lo-carb meal!

  3. I've been there too - my parents took me and my then-fiance there (the AL one) to celebrate after I gave my senior music recital in college!

    You are SO right about their long distance throwing. My husband didn't see a roll coming from behind him, and it knocked his glasses right off his face - from the back side! It was an absolute riot.

    Good memories!

  4. juts loved he place. by the time we left our boys could have played hind catcher for a yankees, they really hot the hang of catching those things. My husband had his sun glasses on his head and yep, they went flying when hit by a throwed roll. :0)

  5. I really want to go there! My husband has been there with a group of men and they just loved it!! The stories from the people hit by rolls are so funny, but I hear the food is excellent! I'm so glad your enjoying your travels.



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