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The Dangerous Book for Boys

This just happens to be the most wanted book in our house at the time. The Dangerous Book for Boys authored by Conn Iggulden and first published in London is the book that every boy in the US needs to read, outside the Bible of course. It's chapters include everything from making a pin hole camera to a whole chapter on girls and how to treat them. Really, this is a great book. You can read a pretty conprehensive review here.

I first heard about this book from my best girl friend, she was telling me that they had rabbit for dinner (yuck). I asked her why in the world she would make rabbit for dinner and she told me the whole account. Apparently her dear husband who is a great pastor friend of ours in Texas, bought the book and really enjoyed it. Sitting outside at their country home a little rabbit made it's way right past him the one thing the little cotton tail didn't know is that out pastor friend had just finished the chapter on skinning game. Quickly grabbing his trusty side arm he sighted and really brought home the bacon, or actually the rabbit. :0) Apparently this book is not only for those 18 and under, adults seem to like it too.

Really we have too many "soft" boys in our society today, too much pampering being done by us moms. There is something said for protecting our boys but something needs to be said about making them soft and girly. Our boys need to be getting dirty, discovering nature and learning skills that will last a lifetime. My free 2 cents worth. :0)

Anyhoo, I'm about to order if my Josh who will be turning 12 in 8 days. This along with a pocket knife we're two of his top birthday wishes.

Happy Reading!
**Just a point, I don't endorse all that this author writes or his publisher. Buy the book at your own risk. K?? Okay!


  1. Hi Tori, I have you something at my blog...check it out!


  2. I have heard of that book! I want to get it for my boys too, I just know they will love it. Boys need to be boys!

    God Bless

  3. I'll have to look at the book for my grandson! He's a little young right now, but I'm sure it would come in handy down the road!

  4. I will DEF have to get that for my little #4 who is a boy!! My only one, and with 3 older sisters...he's gonna need some Dangerous Boy training :) Thanks!

  5. I will have to take a look at the book, It sounds like something my grandsons would like. Thanks, connie from Texas

    I know how to skin a rabbit and a squirrel. My dad taught me when I was a

  6. Wow Connie, how cool that you know how to skin, I'm not saying I wish I knew how but it's pretty cool that you do. :0)

  7. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I bought two of our grandsons copies of this book for Papa to give as his special Christmas gift to them this year. It's got a little bit of everything in it.

    Tori, Let me take this opportunity to tell you we missed you dropping by Abiding With Christ. You just sort of disappeared. I hope we did nothing to offend you. You are always welcome back. We enjoyed having you there.

    I ran upon you by checking out Laurie's blog this afternoon.

    Judy aka Lace


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