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Is it physically possible???

Hey Readers!

Yea it's me and I'm still here. Running like crazy and busier than ever.

Right now we are in Texas at a missions conference. Wow, what a blessing it's been to us so far. We are at our home church for the conference but they are wonderful to all the missionaries.

On Wednesday night we had a wonderful meal at the church before services and then the preacher, Jim Brown preached a wonderful sermon, very challenging.

Then on Thursday we met for chapel in the morning and my hubby preached a great sermon, then we split into groups. The men went with Preacher, ate at a man's restaurant and then were fitted for new suits. While the men were stuffing their selves the ladies all went to Jason's Deli, best baked potatoes in the world, and then we headed for the mall. Each lady was handed $100 and let loose to buy a new dress. Oh yea and I have to say, being the great shopper I am, I managed to buy a $50 skirt for $30 and two really nice sweaters. I'm a separates kinda woman. :0) Later on Thursday we met for dinner and a great sermon.

Friday, we were all taken to PappaDeaux for lunch and man I was glad I wasn't paying. We had alligator tail for appetizers and $20 plates for lunch. Then we had 3 hours free and then headed back for dinner and the meeting. The sermons from Jim Brown were first class.

Today is Saturday and we are about 1 hour from leaving for Soul-winning and then date day. One of the associate pastors of the church is taking all the missionary kids to Chuckie Cheese and the husband and wife are given money and sent out on a date. This evening we have our international dinner and we're praying for good weather. It's suppose to storm today so I'm praying God holds it over till Monday.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference and I'm sad to see it coming to an end. We have met some great missionaries; The Dunn family to China, the Bishops to Zambia, the Ingrams to Romania and the Coates to Guatemala. Wow it's been great being around such choice servants of God. Love it!!

Oh yea I forgot all the goodies. When we arrived in the hotel there were dozens of gifts. Bags for the kids, food, snacks, several bags of goodies for me, a huge basket of fruit and things and a roll of quarters to blow on the snack machines. We have never been treated so royally. We love our preacher and church.

Being a missionary wife I get to see many things, many attitudes about missionaries and I have to say I can get pretty ticked off. I hate the attitude of missionaries being on the field because they can do nothing else, or they are inferior preachers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. My husband could pastor and grow a church anywhere. He is really one of the best preachers I've heard and I'm not being partial. God made him and called him deliberately to reach Croatians for Christ. What a privileged to be called of God. WOW! What a responsibility. Now I'm not naive, I have seen some pretty sad examples of missionaries but I've also seen some pretty poor preachers too.

Don't ask me why I said all that, I have no idea. My fingers have a mind of their own. :0)

So we're almost finished with this conference and we head to another Sunday night and then Next Monday we head to Iowa and hen Michigan. We have about 5 conferences one week after another. Is it physically possible to go to church every day, get 5 hours of sleep a night and still remain sane, I don't know, but will find out soon. If you see my post begin to get stranger and stranger then you know my sanity is slowly going. :0]

Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow, I'm planning too.


  1. I've never heard negative comments about missionaries Tori! Just so you know! They are very highly respected in my circles, maybe too much? I don't know. Anyway, I am thankful that the Lord hasn't called me out of familiar territory for Him!! Familiar LAND territory, that is. He's called me many times out of familiar and comfortable places. Glad you could get a new outfit plus!!! Whoo-hoo! D

  2. P.S. What I mean by 'too much' is that the idea is that they can do no wrong. I think they're all human like the rest of us. Thanks for all your work! D

  3. I've been wondering how furlough was going; thanks for the update!

    I bet you are feeling like a queen after such royal treatment this week. :)

  4. Tori, I was happy to hear how wonderful the missionaries have been treated. I think that's just wonderful!! What a blessing for you all and the toher missionaries in attendance.


  5. I understand Dawn,your right we are all sinners and prone to fall. I think that a man serving in the perfect will of God in the bus ministry at his home church is just as special as a a missionary serving on his field. As long as we are in the will of God for ourselves we are equally special.

  6. Glad to hear you are enjoying the conference. And what a blessing that you are being treated to good food and shopping! : )

    I appreciate what you said about negative comments towards missionaries, although I haven't ever heard any. What a shame for people to say (or think) such things! I am thankful for the sacrifice you and your family are making so others can hear the Gospel.

  7. I can't imagine anyone feeling that a family that goes out of their bounds of comfort to serve the Lord in this way could find something negative to say!

    Nice to see how you are doing and praying the Lord to continue leading you and your family!

    God bless!

  8. Tori,

    I use to be on Lilac and Butterflies with you.

    I think it's great how well your church treats missionaries. The church I attened in LA is also very missions minded.

    Brother Brown preached our Revivals for us. He will actually be doing a surprise visit for our Pastor's 25th wedding anniversary.

    Glad to hear you are state side for a while. I know the Lord will use this time to reenergize you guys for the field.f


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