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Away with Kool-aid Mustaches

The other day my kids had some huge kool-aid stains on their faces. Have you ever tried to scrub those things off??? Really you can take off half the skin in the process. So the other day i sent the kids to clean their clown like faces and after a while my oldest son came to me with a great hint. Aparently while brushing his teeth he got a pretty good amount of tooth paste on his kool-aid stained lip and guess what happened when he wiped it off?? Yep, it came off.

So when cleaning off kool-aid stains, use a little tooth paste, not gel but old fashioned tooth paste and a damp rag and watch the stain disappear.

Thanks alot to Cody for this great hint. No more avoiding kool-aid for me.


  1. Tori, I sure wish I would have known that when my 5 were young. Seems like they always had mustaches of one color or another. Hope this has been a good day for you, Connie from Texas

  2. Wow Cody! Great job on the hint!! That's a terrific why couldn't us moms think of that??? :)


  3. Tori,
    This is completly off the subjsct of Kool-aid, but I just had to tell you. I was doing my devotions this moring and realized that I recently met a missionary sent out of your home church, Jose Guzman to Mexico. I met him at a Soul-winning conference at Emmanuel Baptist in Irving. Sometimes it is such a small world.
    I hope you are having a great day.
    P.S. Now if Cody can figure out how to keep the Kool-aid from staining my tongue :}

  4. Yes! Thanks for the hint :)


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