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Jesus in Bible College???

Okay so today DH and I were talking about a really good local Bible college. The dress code was the point of conversation and let me say I have no problem with dress codes, I think they are great things and teach young adults discipline and all, so I like em. What was so funny is this Bible college doesn't allow open toe shoes on women or any facial hair, so we're talking about this and my DH looks at me, grins and says, "You know, with the dress codes at that college the way it is, if Jesus were to come to register he would have to have his beard shaved and buy new shoes."

How funny!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL, Although I like facial hair on my man, I know that MOST all Bible colleges will not allow it. However, I must say I am perplexed about the opentoed shoes. LOL Let's not be showing those piggies!!! :)


  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I recently discovered your blog, and I love it. I know you haven't posted a lot recently, but I enjoyed "getting to know" your family by reading old posts. I think your testimony is such a blessing. I was struck by your heart towards your difficult home life. I didn't detect any bitterness. It was a blessing!
    I went to a wonderful, small Bible college with the same two rules. About the shoes - my understanding is it has to do with a casual look (although I know there can be exceptions). I have met one in my life who actually had a modesty issue (seductive feet?), but the background in my world is just being sharper. (I'm not saying that right; I don't mean to offend- I LOVE sandals!!!!) Oh, and about seductive feet...I guess it's possible. Right after I heard of that one's opinion of sandals, I saw a shoestore ad for "se*y feet," so, even the world thinks some feet in certain shoes can be seductive. Now that I'm done writing this post I feel rather foolish for my first comment being on feet! So much for first impressions!!!! ~Jolene

  3. Jolene,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Your right I haven't been posting much lately with our move from Croatia to America for fulough. Hopefully I can get caught up.

    Oh on the shoe and hair thing, hey I agree, in Bible college young people ought to look as sharp as possible and the casual look of the US is rediculous.

    Yea and this Bible college is one of the best ones in our area and we would send our kids in a sec.

    I didn't realize that it seemed like I was complaining or criticizing, not at all, I'm for it actually.

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

  4. yes, facial hair is not permited at the school for the deaf where I worked for several years until just recently they've allowed mustashes and goatee's. For a while there my hubby looked AWLFUL (sorry honny) without any facial hair cause he has no lips. As for shoes they don't allow flip flops, which, this close to the boarder . . . everyone in Southern California wears flip flops . . .well, I heard in the Palau island that "real" christian men don't wear short sleeve shirts to church.
    Theres a song out there that speaks of this . . . somthing to the tune of "they wouldn't have allowed my Jesus in" and to "live like my Jesus." . . .
    It is funny

  5. Funny - I've never heard of these things! I understand keeping things looking nice, and probably a lot of these strange rules are made for the people who tend to not have a sense of what goes in what situation. Unfortunately, that's the way things go many times in our world. Enjoyed this post! D

  6. So true! :D

    I use to visit your site all the time when you were overseas...I hope to stop by more often again! :)

  7. Yep, hadn't thought of that. Times sure have changed.

  8. I just came across your post and had to say, "Hi." We were missionaries in Sicily, Italy (18 years ago), and I'm now writing a romantic Christian novel based on my love of the Italian language and culture (save everything!). My mom recently gave me back all the letters that I mailed that first year--incredible. We didn't have the Internet then and waited for weeks to get news from home. Sicily was a little third world back then (still is in many ways). Since we thought we would be there the rest of their lives, I took for granted all that was lovely and amazing about the culture (now I wish I could re-live it through my 50-year-old eyes!).

    Enjoyed reading your posts!


    Connie Pombo
    Author, Speaker, Mentoring Specialist

  9. That is oh so true!! I'm like you...I'm all for dress standards but it is taken a bit too far at times. Although...I'm sure they have their reasons for setting them so high. Afterall...revealing the feet on some people could cause someone to lust after them...LOLROF!!! Mine sure wouldn't though...mine are too boney!!


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