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Recipe Box Show and Tell

Over at Mountain Musings they're having a Recipe Box Show and Tell. My box isn't some special wooden one handed down from Mom or Grandma, but it does it's job. I purchased it at the Dollar General for 3 bucks.
Jump on board, can't wait to see yours! :0)


  1. Nothing doing! I'm ashamed of mine! It sat in a box while I was on deputation, and has about three or four cards in it. And my mom wanted the cookbook I stole from her back! The nerve! (Actually, I offered it.) I'm recollecting recepies. Will get back with you in three or four years!

  2. Tori, thanks for participating in the Show & Tell. I like your recipe box graphics--the asparagus, eggs, and cherries--very tempting to want to peak inside your box and see what's cooking!

    Glad you posted a pic! I love seeing others' recipe boxes.

  3. Oooh, I love your box -- it's to pretty! I'm with Deb; I want to thumb through your cards and see what's on file :)

  4. I meant to say it's SOOOO pretty, not "to pretty" Oops... :o)

  5. It's pretty. I would've never known it was from the Dollar Store! Besides, it's what is on the inside that counts! I bet your daughter will treasure it one day.

  6. It may have been cheap, but its awful cute!! :)


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