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Kids Day in Pribaslavec

Yesterday we spent several hours in a nearby Roma (Gypsy) village. We had a ball. Within 2 minutes of our arrival we were swamped. There were kids and adults everywhere. We had a delicious time singing, playing and then giving the Gospel to these people.

Oh yea and we did some clowning around too. That's me in all my Goofy glory. That's Mimmy the Clown. I've been doing this for a few years and since most children and even adults have never seen a clown in person it's a great crowd drawer. Hey I believe, get them in ears shot of the Gospel in anyway we can. This helps. :0)

Johnny got this picture of the little beer toter strolling down the street. Right after this we seen another little boy coming home from the little store in the village. He couldn't have been older than 6 and he was carrying a huge 2 liter beer home for dad or brother.

These people; the Roma have been outcast and forgotten. There are thousands in our area and they live in the most unbelievable state. While in the village, I saw about 10 children between the ages of 1 and 6 totally naked, hair matted and the scars of their short life speaking the tale of their short, little lives.

Please pray for the Roma peopel in Croatia. They are the forgotten people that all of Europe is ashamed of. Each of these 1000s have a soul that will one day spend eternity in Hell or in Heaven with Jesus. Pray for them and please pray that God will send someone specific to fight for these souls.

Oh yea, by the way, several adults and children confessed Christ as Savior while we were there. Pray for them. :0)


  1. I'm sitting here in tears! Thank you for sharing your burden for these forgotten ones of Croatia. There are "forgotten ones" even in modern, industrialized Vancouver, Canada, and you helped me remember to reach them, too.

  2. What a great day you had! Praise the Lord for the salvations!

    You make a darling clown!!!

    I have a question for you~ the people you minister to are the forgotten people, the people everyone looks down to. So do the people who are wealthier in your area look down on you for ministering to the Roma people?

  3. Thanks Susan! There are so many forgotten ones of every race, Praying for your work there in Vancouver.

    Yea the Croats are always wondering why we have Gypsies coming over to our home and why we have them in the church. I make no big deal out of it and maybe they'll see the idiocy of their mindset.

    Oh yea thanks for the compliment, I love clowing and will be doing it this Sunday also for our annual Cowboy Day, kinda a kids day thinggy.

  4. What a heartbreaking picture! You can see fear in that little face. Children are always the ones who suffer most.

    Do you/can you have a "mixed" church there? Will the upper classes come to a church with people they think are beneath them?

    btw-congradulation on the great day! Praise God He is the same to everyone!

  5. Tori ~
    You are a very adorable clown.

    I will be praying for these people. How very sad ..... no one should be lost or forgotten like this ... not in this day and age.

    If there is somewhere - either your organization or another that we could send some things to I would love it if you could post that information.

    Thanks for sharing. Praise God for the salvations of those souls.

  6. I'm thankful that the Lord is blessing your work with those people!

  7. We have some close friends (the Boyles)who are missionaries to the Gypsies in Romania. I know that they can be a difficult group to minister to, but the Lord is sure going to bless your faithfulness!

  8. I agree with Tammy, you make such a cute clown. Even though they are forgotten by people, they are not forgotten by our Heavenly Father. That's why you are there, and hopefully more missionaries will be able to go to that area as well. I will keep you and them in our prayers. Thank you!!

  9. You look absolutely adorable-very professional. It's hard to believe they've never seen a clown in real life. I bet it is great at getting their attention. I feel so sorry for those children and people. I will pray for them and for you. Congratulations on seeing some decisions made for Jesus.

  10. Praise the Lord Tori...your testimony always touches my heart..God Bless!

  11. Your work as Mimi the Clown glorifies God! I love how He uses our gifts and talents and passions to bless others and call them to Himself. I am touched and blessed by reading about your service to His people that are desipised by their world.

    I've featured this post over at the CWO blog today. My prayer is that others will also be encouraged and blessed by your post.


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