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Photo Fraud in Lebanon

A friend in Hungary sent me this link today. It's a really interesting short video. Just for the record I am totally pro-Israel and until they cease to be God's people I will be a friend to Israel. Just had to throw that in. :0) Photo Fraud in Lebanon


  1. WOW!!!!
    Was that ever informative - amzing what they will try to sell now a days.

    I was wondering if you would mind sharing a menu for a week or two at your home. I have been explaining to my daughter the differences of the "spoilness" we live in ever day to the reality of what life is really like in other parts of the world. And if possible to roughly what that would have cost you to purchase those items. I know that is a lot to ask - and only if it is not a big inconvience.
    God bless,

  2. That is an amazing video. We get fooled everyday and do not even know it. "They" manipulate our feelings and opinions so often that we never even notice. Sad.


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