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What I Did Last Night

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While we were in Hungary for the 4th of July, we borrowed a few videos from our good friend Bro. Fauenhoffer. We borrowed Flaming in the Wind, a movie about the splendor and terror of the Spanish inquisition, Candle in the Dark, the story of William Carey and Hudson Taylor's story. Oh yea and the one you see to your left. Dean Jones (star of The Million Dollar Duck, The Shaggy D.A. and Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo plus many more) stars as St. John.

The entire recording is on stage at a theatre. It's absolutely wonderful! It's funny at times and at times it's so dramatic you can't help but shed a tear. The entire script comes from Scripture except little add-ins here and there and they are in no way inappropriate.

There is no fancy computer animation or gory scenes to keep the crowd, just good, plain acting out of the GREATEST story ever told. The video is absolutely worth buying. We will start looking for it too. It's great.

Oh yea and I found this out about Dean Jones, from Wikapedia:
"Jones became a devout born-again Christian in 1973/1974 and has since appeared in several Christian movies. He is semi-retired, and currently resides in California."

Here are a few places you can pick up a cheap Copy of St. John in Exile:

Amazon - 8.95 for the video or the DVD for 18.70

Ebay - VHS tape for 13.88 or DVD for 17.25 (these the the By it Now prices, you could still bid for them and get them for less.

While Watching St. John in Exile I decided to make one of those crocheted towel thingies to hand on my stove handle. I found these American looking kitchen towels in Hungary.

When we came to Croatia 6 years ago we had nothing but a few trunks full of clothing. We had to sell or give away our household goods when we came here. Shipping was and still is just to expensive to send things that aren't necessities.

Anyhoo, our home lacks an aged feeling. Everything we own, almost, is only 6 years old. So I thought about this, it's simple but doesn't it just speak of Grandma's kitchen??? So I'm hanging it on my stove and hoping to get some of that aged homey feeling.

I really am sorry I didn't make room for more or my special things. Like my bunny collection my Mom gathered for me, or my big quilts. Oh how I love quilts. Anyhow, I think this will at least make me feel like I'm in Grandma's kitchen.

Here are a few links if you would like to make some of these simple towel thinggies.







  1. I haven't heard of the St. John movie before. But I believe I've seen the Flame In The Wind. Is that one put out through Unusual Films by Bob Jones University? If it is, then I've seen it. Have you seen Sheffey?


  2. Kristi,
    We do have Sheffy, although it has Romanian sub titles. I love it and am moved everytime I see it. We also just seen a really good one too, Time Changer put out by Innovation Film Group, it's wonderful. For some reason it has a PG rating that makes no sense. There isn't one bad thing in the whole thing, it's made by christians. All I can think is that the movie people put a rating on it because of the Gospel being preached through the whole thing. It's a very well made movie, we all 5 gave it 5 thumbs it.

    Saint John in Exile is wonderful, totally worth buying, it brings the Bible to life.

    Wheww, that was a mouthful. =0)

  3. The towel is very sweet and so handy! I know how to crochet...I'll have to add this to my "wish list" of home projects :)

  4. I've seen several of the BJ movies, and Sheffy is my favorite! We're going to buy it one of these days. I'm going to look into the St. John movie, too. Probably not available at the library here!

    My grandma used to make those towel toppers. She also made some that are just sewn on top. And when I had my first baby, she made me some bibs out of huge washcloths - cut a scoop out of one end to fit around the neck and used seam binding to finish the neck edge and make the ties. I LOVED those bibs! You just take it off the baby, wet it, and instant washcloth.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I'm definitely going to look into it. The towel topper came out great. I will look into those links later on in the weekend. I crocheted a little washcloth while my beloved drove today while we did our errands. I'll try to take a picture of it in a little while. Has your daughter taken an interest in crocheting at all?

  6. Tonight we watched Flame in the Wind about the Catholic inquisition and I made another towel topper. How fun, the time goes by so fast while watching a movie and when it's finished I have a new thinggy for my kitchen, or a friends. *Ü*

  7. Hi Tori, glad you're enjoying your new little craft.

    I was wondering where you found the little guy in your sidebar that lets you know how many visitors you have on your site.


  8. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I agree that Time Changer is good.

  9. Verrry pretty towel topper! I have thought about trying one, so thanks for the links. I have never heard of any of the movies. Had you heard of them before you went to Croatia? Had you ever been out of the U.S. before you moved to Croatia? Did you get to visit Croatia before moving?

  10. Your towel is very pretty. You did a great job! It will add a very homey touch to your kitchen!

  11. Kristi,

    Here is the link for the script for visitors thiggy. The little man was just a animation I had and used. You can change the text anyway you like and add whatever graphic you want with it. Let me know if you need any help adding it.
    Fast Online Users

  12. Chappyswife,

    The movies are all made by Christian companies. We had heard of the missionary stories but the St. John in Exile is new to us and it's great.

    We visited Croatia about 9 years ago for 15 days. We came without our children so we would have time to pray and ask God if this was His will.

    I had never been out of Texas before I moved to Croatia, whewww talk about culture shock.
    What's weird is I now experience culture shock when I go back to the states. That causes more havoc with our lives and family then being in Croatia does.

    Funny huh?? =0)


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