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SON Worshippers

Yesterday, while in Hungary we saw this field of Sunflowers. Are they not the most beautiful sight you've ever seen?

We came over a hill and all we could see was rolling hills covered in the sun worshippers. It was like something out of a movie. I could just image Dorothy and the Tin Man running trough the fields, oh wait!!! That's Poppies, huh, sorry.

I just love this big one, I'll have to try to do something with this photo. It's just to nice to let rot on my hard drive. ;o)

Okay so here are few more SON worshippers. My son told me that sunflowers always face the sun. I'm sure they are in actuality facing the Son like us.

I know, my hair's a mess. This is on the way home so I was probably about to take my routine traveling nap, I always sleep on trips. :o)

Happy Friday!


  1. What a beautiful field! I don't think I've ever seen a whole field full of sunflowers. You got some good pics!

    I'm a trip-nap-taker too! ;)

  2. Beautiful photo's. We have Tesco's here in N.Ireland as well.

  3. Chryll,
    I bet your Tesco is better than ours. We don't have one in Croatia so we drive to Hungary for theirs. It has a little American or English kinda stuff, more than Croatia anyhoo.

    We had some friends that were in N. Ireland for a little while. John and Melanie Brown, sadly they had to come home.

  4. I LOVE sunflowers! Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Tori,

    Those are so beautiful.

    Like you, I love my car naps. It is a joke around here. They guess at how long it will take me to nod out. LOL!

  6. Beautiful pictures!!!

  7. Aww... you look so cute together. Those sunflowers are absolutely beautiful. I called my daughter over to see them, being that she is growing some now for the first time. Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. What gorgeous sunflowers!
    I like the 'SON worshippers' thought. We should all be looking to the SON.
    Thank you for sharing that.
    I love it.

    ~ Christina
    HsKubes HomeSchool Haven
    HsKubes Haven for Home
    Christian Military HomeSchool Mamas

  9. LOVE the sunflowers!! They are my absolute favorite. In fact, I'm doing my living room in sunflowers (if we ever get finished remodeling it!!).

  10. What an awesome picture Tori!

    Sunflowers are my second favourite flower and I've never seen a whole field of them before.

  11. Your hair looks fine, and I love the pictures. I think a sermon could be gotten out of what your son said, don't you?????


  12. Wow! Those sunflowers are incredible! What a cute picture of you and your husband. You both look so happy!
    I fall asleep on long trips too. :0)


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