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Hannah's B-Day Continued

We had a wonderful day with Hannah today. She picked out what we had for dinner today; chicken tenders, corn, rice and bagettes. Then we torn into the 100,000 calorie cake and ice cream, oh but it was good. She opened her present from Dad and Mom, a drawer system filled with all kinds of sewing notions. She received a card from each of her brothers and her brother Cody gave her 80 Kuna (13 dollars). A bit later Dad came home with a special gift for the birthday girl. I'm so glad that Hannah has such a wonderful Daddy, I'm sure she is too. *Ü*


  1. Oh....what lovely flowers and a great picture of her. (o:

  2. Yea she is cute. *Ü*

  3. Awww, how sweet!

  4. Happy Birthday, Hannah. I'm glad you had a wonderful one. Your flowers are really beautiful.

    ~Sis Kristi

  5. Happy Birthday to Hannah. I said a birthday prayer for her. We always do a prayer for the birthday person in our home after we sing happy birthday. Thanking the Lord for the last year and blessing and guidance for the new year. She's so cute. I hope she is able to enjoy all the sewing notions. Great gift.

  6. What a beautiful birthday girl! I enjoyed hearing about her day and how you all made it special for her.
    Happy Birthday Hannah!


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