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.7 of a lb. loss for this week.

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OK, so I didn't do a bang-up job this week on my diet but I did loose and that is something. We had our 15th anniversary this week and that kinda set me back, but it was gooood!
Also I changed my weigh-in to pounds instead of kilos in my little weight chart on the right. I've gotten so used to using kilos here that I forget that all of America uses lbs. So hope that makes it easier. Althought it looked like more progress when it was in kilos. *Ü*
Hope I can claim a loss next Monday after this 4th of July week. Whewww, better really get with it.


  1. Tori, congratulations on another loss! I'm happy for you. Enjoy your fourth of July weekend, just stay away from hotdogs. Do they even have hotdogs over there? Is that a silly question?? Oh dear, I am embarassing myself??? :)


  2. Congratulations on your weight loss. I signed up for WW online too, but have strayed away...I need to get back.

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. YAY!! I for one am happy you changed it from kilos to lbs. I stink at that. lol ;0)

  4. Well I have to say I am posting from Hungary and I have to say, I am not doing too well, I'll have to really get busy. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  5. Good job. I've been on WW since February and I feel great. Every little bit counts. If you get depressed over only losing .7 lb, go pick up something that weighs almost a lb. and then you'll realize how good you did!


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