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Spenda, Cool!

A very sweet friend of mine, Trish in Texas, sent me a wonderful care package full of very useful things. She included two large containers of Spenda.

I finished using the first one and as I prepared to throw out the empty container, I noticed something. This is a really cool container, it's sturdy and the top fits very good. It has two pour spouts, one for small amounts and one for spooning. So I decided to clean the container out and use it for sugar. I keep my sugar in a tupperware canister but it's sometimes cumbersome to tote out. I have two of these containers and I am using one for sugar and the other I'll use for flour.
I though these were worth keeping. :0)


  1. Hi Tori -
    What a neat idea! I think I'll borrow it from you :o). I got your link from your visit to my blog - I've truly enjoyed visiting you and I will be back!

  2. Thanks Anne, I enjoyed yours too.

  3. Tori,

    Great idea!

  4. Great idea. I've enjoyed reading your blogs. I will have to visit again! Take care and God Bless.

    Oh...yes...the recipes...finally a blog with all the southern food I know and love!


  5. Hi Tori, I just waned to let you know I emailed you the pictures of the apron, just in case it goes into a spam folder or something. My email address is w8ng4him@bellsouth, just so you can look out for it.


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