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Happy Birthday Amanda!

Amanda and I at the airport the last time we left the states for Croatia. By the way she's the tall one.
So today is a very special day. My best friend is 31 today. So in honor of this really cool gal, here are 31 things about Amanda that I love.

Amanda Is....

  1. spiritual.
  2. hilarious.
  3. two years younger than me.
  4. a wonderful mother.
  5. an avid gardner.
  6. very organized, most of the time.
  7. a great leader.
  8. a Sunday school teacher.
  9. faithful to Jesus.
  10. a giver.
  11. multi-talented.
  12. taller than me.
  13. the oldest of three kids
  14. a June baby.
  15. an ice eater.
  16. a great preachers wife.
  17. an independent Baptist.
  18. blessed to have 4 great kids.
  19. a great speaker.
  20. a wonderful soul-winner.
  21. prettier than me.
  22. a little older than her husband.
  23. very knowledgeable about the Bible.
  24. just like me.
  25. blessed gorgeous blue eyes.
  26. very likeable.
  27. curly headed.
  28. patient.
  29. fun to be around.
  30. imaginative.
  31. my best friend!

Happy 31st Birthday Amanda, the world is blessed because your a part of it.


  1. Oh how nice that you would honor your good buddy! Aren't freinds great? Where would we be without them.

    I think I may have fixed the video problem on my post if you want to give it another try.

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Kristi I'll head over there.

  3. Happy Birthday to Amanda! It's so nice to have good friends!

  4. What a wonderful friend you have! Happy Belated birthday Amanda!


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