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A Ride in the County
With the weather so beautiful yesterday we had to get out in it. So the whole family climbed on bikes and off we went. It was lovely. Hannah is so much better at riding now. I used to be a total basket-case when I went riding with her but she is doing so much better now. She actually knows how to brake on her bike, which is as most of you know, essential to a bikers survival.

The countryside was lovely. Wild flowers everywhere. Hannah kept stopping to smell the flowers and pick them while her brothers could care less. It was lovely. Althought not without incident. Before we made it home, Cody's back brakes totally broke on his bike, and Joshua's bake tire went flat. So anyhow it was a little trying but we plan on going again soon. It's so good for families to get outside together. We rode for about 6 hours and then found a sweet little park and we all stopped for some needed rest. Cody found a cement table-tennis table and he took a little snooze while Johnny and I rested on the bench under the tree and Joshua and Hannah played on the swings. It was lovely, there was the most lovely little planter with flowers all around it. I could have sat there for hours but Johnny does better moving so off we went. It really was lovely.

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