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I can't even tell you how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family. The Lord has blessed me with an incredible loving husband and 3 great kids. God has been so good to give me such a wonderful group of people to spend my life with. 

Johnny is my #1! We've been married for almost 24 years and honestly, not just saying it, it gets better every year. He is the most understanding and giving man I've ever met. He loves the Lord with all his heart and it shows in his everyday life. He's the best missionary I know. I can honestly say that my desire is for my Hannah to marry someone just like her Daddy. He's wonderful and I'm so blessed!

Cody is our oldest, he'll be 22 this year and was the first one to leave home. He's a Mama's Boy, not at all wimpy but he loves his Mama. He's my go-to guy. He's there when I need him and I can always count on him. Cody took two years of Bible College and then decided that he would take off and work a while. I'm not sure what God has in store for Cody but I'm resting in His faithfulness. We miss and love him so much.

Joshua is our middle son, he's 20 this year he has been a ray of sunshine in our lives since he was born. He has always been such a happy boy and he keeps us rolling with laughter. He's the middle child, like his mother so he's got a lot of special talents and making people laugh is one of them. He is living in the States for the first time since he was 4. He graduated from high school, got a job and is about to finish up his second year of Bible College. He feels like God has called him to be a missionary and feels a strong burden for Bosnia. We love him so much and miss him more than words.

Hannah is our baby girl. Okay so she's not so young anymore but she's still our baby. She will turn 18 this year and we're not ready! She's so loving and she has a natural way of finding those in need and helping in any way she can. This kid gives us kisses and hugs hundreds of times a day. She's got more love to give then 100 people. I'm sure God's gonna use her to reach those who have never been loved. She feels called to work with the deaf of the world and she's waiting for God to fulfill His will in her life. This year she will move to the States and begin Bible College with her brother Josh. We love her so much and can't imagine life without her.

God's been so good to me. My greatest desire is that God would use each of my children in His full time ministry. I pray that they will spend their lives telling others about their wonderful Savior!


  1. Ah, Mom I love you so much!!!

    1. Aw...tears...beautiful.

      I am just sitting here at my kitchen table, reading this blog I "happened" upon. What a blessing!


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