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Well here you are reading yet another diet blog. I know I'm just one in a literally thousands millions but I am one. 

I have yo-yo dieted my entire life or at least since my late teen years and sadly to no avail. Wait, I'm lying; there were times when I almost made it. I was the proverbial "this close" only to lose momentum and stall. My life's ambition outside of serving The Lord and my family was to be thin. It was what I woke up thinking about and usually the last thing on my mind. 

The first part of 2014 was pivotal for me. I was experiencing some crazy stuff and had recently gained back 50 stinkin' pounds I had lost the previously year. Hey I'm not just a yo-yo dieter, I'm so fast I'm a trick yo-yo dieter. I rank up there with the best! Anyhow, I was experiencing lots of pain and starting to wonder if I had inherited Rheumatoid Arthritis from my mother. I had constant pain in my joints and I was extremely stiff. I had many other nagging symptoms and not answer for what caused it all. I started searching the net for causes of joint pain and kept stumbling on the same cause; Gluten intolerance. I couldn't believe it. I was the ultimate skeptic and even doubted that it was even a physical thing and not a mental issue. I decided to try the Gluten Free lifestyle for two weeks and see if it made any difference. If things were the same I was going to continue being skeptical. Long story short, it worked! I decided that I should probably use the occasion to shed a little lot of weight since I couldn't have gluten anyhow. After a little research I decided that Atkins was the way to go since it was completely grain free anyhow. I'm now 7 months into my GF and Low Carb lifestyle and I'm down 45 lbs. All the crazy symptoms I had experienced were gone and I'm feeling better than I ever have.

I still need to lose another 20 lbs and it's coming off it's just coming off a bit slower than I would like. The truth is this "diet" has become a lifestyle and now I'm just living. I think in Atkins terms this would be considered OWL (ongoing weight loss).

So here I am, Gluten / Sugar/ Grain Free and loving this life style. After years of losing and gaining and failure to be truthful I finally have control. I am in control over what and when I eat and food no longer has power over me. That alone is worth way more than the weight loss, but the weight loss is pretty cool too. I only wish I would have found this amazing way of life years ago, or at least before I was 40-something.

BTW, just in case you were wondering, my hair isn't naturally green! As a matter a fact it's not naturally blond either, it's naturally dark brown, or at least it was before I started going gray at 27. I have no idea why I told you that but FYI. 

So together Johnny and I have lost 100+ lbs! You can read more about our progress here

So, here are some of my favorite lowcarb / Atkins blogs and resources. Enjoy!

  • I Breathe I'm Hungry blog is lowcarb amazingness!! Melissa comes up with some of the best recipes and makes LCHF (low carb high fat) lifestyle so easy and delish!

  • Stella Style is an endless abyss of information. George Stella (Food Network Star) has lost along with his family 500 lbs anf kept it off. He has some amazing cookbooks and his proof is in the pudding.

This page is constantly evolving as I add links and info I find along my journey. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


  1. Oh my word. Please notice the time of this comment and the time I sent the email. I promise you I had not seen this when I emailed. my blog post today seems to run parallel with this one. Wow wow wow!!! It has to be a total God thing! And to borrow a couple of words from your comment on my post... Bravo you!!! You look awesome!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have come to the conclusion that I need to quit carbs to have a sort of restart, as I have gained back the 50 I lost two years ago. It's discouraging, but I am not quitting. I do think I am sensitive to carbs. I thank you for all the blog links.

  3. Great job sticking to it and seeing the difference in how you look and feel! :)


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