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Feb 1, 2016

To Do Tuesday

Hey Guys, it's Tuesday again and, can you believe, the 2nd of February already? Yep, it's crazy how fast we fly from one season to the next. I know it's still winter but they're already saying that winter is over for us. That's absurd here; we usually have a full, and somewhat white winter heading all the way into April and sometimes May. Hey I'm not complaining. Today I worked in the yard in 60+ weather, GLORIOUS!

One thing that doesn't change is To Do Tuesday. There's always something needin' done around here.

Now that winter is over, (I'm almost scared saying that for fear I'll jinx myself and snow will fall tomorrow, even though I don't believe in jinxing, still) and some green is already starting to peek out of the cold ground I'm looking until planting!! I know for my area I really shouldn't be thinking about this yet but the warmth has reminded me that I had planned on starting seeds indoors this year. I love flowers of all kids and I love to be surrounded by them in the summer so I'm gonna save some Kuna (Croatian currency) and start my flowers indoors instead of spending a ton for them at the local garden store. I've been looking around at the options for starting seeds indoors and there's a big debate; To Light or Not To Light.
I found a great article at A Return to Simplicity about starting seeds without lights, which I'm probably gonna do since it's so warm here but if you're interesting in a light system and the how-tos then check out the article here on Grow a Good Life.  So today for To Do Tuesday my number one is:

1. Start seeds indoors. 
I actually need to go buy some more but I bought a few at Walmart last time       we were in the States.
Oh yea and I've been planning what to plant my little seedlings in. I've been         saving TP roll tubes, but since there's only two of us now that's a slow go so I I've also starting saving all my bio degradable egg cartons. So, I should be set. There is a good article over at Premeditated Leftovers about 5 Frugal Ways to Start Seeds Indoors.

2. Start, just start on this amazing quilt!

Cristina over at Pretty Little Quilts made this amazing Texas quilt and anyone who knows me know's that no matter how long I'm away from home I'll always be a Lone Star Gal. Not only did she make this amazing quilt she also a Deep in the Heart of Texas Quilt A Long. It's really an amazing idea and so fun to see what each lady has done with their area. 

So, there's my ambitious #2. That's why I set the goal of at least starting, it's gonna be ah-mazing! 

3. Clean my kitchen cabinets! Ooh, this one's not as glamorous but I really need to get it done. So, maybe tomorrow and now that I've included a photo I really don't have a choice, kinda shot myself in the foot with that one!

4. Buy a sweet Valentines gift for a missionary wife in Budapest. Johnny's been invited to preach a Valentines banquet for a friend (he's an expert) and we'll be headed up there in two weeks and don't want to go empty-handed. 

5. Find a special gift for my best friend who recently lost her mother.

6. Order our middle son's wedding invitations, that's my job. I almost can't believe that it's already time for my children to be married but it is and I'm old!

So, that's my To Do Tuesday for the first week of February. What's on your list?


  1. OMG! I love the Texas Quilt. My Prince and I moved from Texas to Arizona. For 18 years, I had Texas decor in the southwest. My home was a shrine to the great state. We moved back to Texas in 2003, so now our decor does not feel out of place. If I was retired, I would join in to make the quilt. I will have no free time until summer. :(
    I made 250 invites for my daughter's wedding 2 years ago. It was great fun. Savor the moment!!

    1. Texas gal after my own heart. I can't find your blog, what's the address?

  2. Wow, Tori, your to-do list is ambitious! That quilt is amazing and looks like it will be fun to work on. Love all the colors.

  3. Wow! that's quite a list for the day! Have fun in Budapest.

  4. I didn't know you were from TX! So am I. Cute quilt! I cleaned out and reorganized some cabinets last week always feels good.

  5. I don't know if you follow my friend, Ms. Mary, but she lives in Texas. If y'all don't know each other, you need to. She'd love that quilt. It's gorgeous. I see your creations on Instagram and you are SOOOOOO talented in so many areas....and have such a huge heart!!! Ms. Mary's blog address is

  6. You're not old, so quit saying that, smiles. Hope you get everything done you need too. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  7. Oh! Be still my heart...this Texas gal loves that quilt! Hope you finish all on your list and have a good time doing it!! Have a great day.

  8. I just love organizing my cabinets and such, but then I feel all defeated because it sure doesn't stay that way long! Lol Cute quilt! I am so tired from moving that I honestly (and sadly) looked at it and thought, "Oh cute! A quilt of the United States." ROFL I need more sleep! :)


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