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Oct 13, 2015

To Do Tuesday & UFO's

Hey Guys, it's To-Do Tuesday again! It seems like the weeks are flying by at lightning speed. I can't believe it's mid-October already. 

Anyhoo, it's To-Do Tuesday and I'm ready to list all my to-do's a hopefully get some of them done. 

1. Okay so this is back on my to-do list. I should have made these pillow covers a month ago but they seem to get pushed off for more important tasks. I'm seriously going to get them done this week and maybe even today! I even found a good tute for it here

2. I'm going to finish this quilt! I'm on a mission to finish it before Christmas season arrives, which is right on our tail! I thought it would be a nice thing for Hannah and I to do together before she left for school but sadly, with all the hustle of the holidays, shame on my lying self! With all my procrastination it set taunting me till Christmas was over. It's that rebellious streak I have that's to blame. Anyhow, this is sitting over my machine reminding me hourly to get my stuff in gear and get'er done!

3. Number three on my list is finishing a blog design I started for a friend.

4. Use my  ❤❤❤Cameo❤❤❤   to cut out a verse for the wall at the Gypsy church.

5. Come up with some games for our Saturday morning Gypsy kids meeting. I really need to find some simple games, no words or reading involved, that can be played by about 5 at a time in a space that's 8x6. That's it, that's all the space we have so finding games has been a booger. Hey if you have any ideas, please leave them in a comment. Our little ones would be so happy to play something other than balloon pop and day & night. 

6. Make something yummy with the fresh pumpkin I cooked yesterday. I baked a small pumpkin and got only two cups from that thing. Maybe gluten free, low-carb pumpkin cheesecake! Oh yea! 

7. Finally, I'm going to try to figure out what's going on with my diet. I'm in such a slump and I'm in a dangerous place right now. You know that place of decision that I'll probably look back on and regret or pat myself on the back and say, "you did it!" Anyhow, that's where I'm at and all this cool weather isn't helping. All I want to do is eat and hibernate. Not good. 

Anyhoo friends, that's my To Do Tuesday for this week. I'm seriously motivated and I think I'm going get on those pillows right now!
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  1. At a VBS one year, three colors of construction paper were laid in the floor side by side (so that wouldn't take up much space) and a clear cup placed in the center of each piece. Then, the kids were split into 2 teams and put in lines. They were given straws that have stripes down the sides. You had to put the right color strip with the right color construction paper (in the cup that sits on top) and then run/walk quickly back and tag the next person in line so they could go. Not sure if that would be too much or not, but it's an idea!

    1. Hey that's a good idea. We would have to figure it out with no lines but it's a thought. Thanks Staci!

  2. What you've done on the quilt so far is really cute! I keep wanting to bake fall goodies, too - none of us needs them but I am still wanting them. :-)

  3. I love those fabrics...good luck, I know you can finish what you start--um...once you get started (big smiles). Thanks for the smiles, sweet friend.

  4. Love that Quilt Tori!! And I have my young grandson this week so I am worried about staying on track in diet and exercise while I have him...more snacking than I do when I am here alone. I made cookies today for our Prison Ministry and I gave the left overs to my daughter!

  5. I love reading your blog! The quilt is so pretty and when finished, even prettier. I have projects all around the house, some may get finished and some not, but tomorrow is another day!

  6. That quilt....just wow! So pretty. Motivated...whats that?!? ;) Happy Wednesday!!!


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