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To Do Tuesday #5

Okay today's To Do Tuesday is directly linked with my very first To Do Tuesday and an item on that list that has been hanging out in the shadows waiting to be checked off. I'm finally getting to it and I don't have any idea why I waited so long! What was I thinking? Precious moments wasting away when I could have be Silhouetting!

Yes, I did it! I finally opened my new Silhouette Cameo and I'm over the moon! We actually purchased the machine to use in the ministry but that was before I realized how AW-MAYZING it is! Are you kidding, have you seen the possibilities? I found this board on Pinterest that I'm nuts for. This chick has pinned over 855 pins related to things to do with this mad machine.

Anyhoo, today's To Do Tuesday is dedicated to the wonderful Silhouette Cameo.

1 Okay first off check out this lovely sign over at Aimee Weaver Designs. Is it not the prettiest thing you've ever seen? I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had $99 and if I didn't have to pay $1000 to get it shipped to me. But, since I don't and can't I'm going to take some inspiration from it and make something sorta similar.

2. I am in love with this sweet image from Dawn Nicole Designs. She is offering the file for free! Yes ladies and gentlemen, I said FREE! This is going on HIS side of the bed!

3. Fun, colorful garland for my super-room! I found this sewn paper garland and fell in love. I love all things colorful and this will fit in perfect in my new craft room *aka* Super-Room.

Okay besides all these goodies, there's still laundry to be done, two baskets that need to be folded and put up. Sunday School lesson for Sunday and Gypsy Kids Meeting Saturday morning. There's still lots to do besides this to do list but I'm making these priorities or at least I want to so we'll see how it goes.

Regardless of however many I get done I can still check off opening the thing from my very first To Do Tuesday. Woohoo me!

Oh wait, I wanted to share this with you too. I seriously do this, no, I'm serious I really do. Pitiful I know. 

Have a great, productive Tuesday and rest of the week y'all, and don't forget to link up!


  1. LOL Too cute of a funny! Nice finds. Love the colorful garland! :)

  2. Too cute, Tori!!! Love your last word...Happiness....thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  3. Oh...can't wait to see all the awesome things you make!!!

  4. I love that colorful little banner! Now I wish I had not gotten rid of my sewing machine. And Like you I am a to do list fanatic! It keeps me focused!!

    1. Arlene, I've seen those banners done without sewing, they just tape the back of the circles to the string.

  5. Hey, I do that, too! Can't wait to see all the things you make for your Super Room!

  6. I do what's in that last graphic as well - it is so satisfying to cross things off a list! I don't have a Silhouette but I have a Cricut - are they sort of the same thing? Machines for cutting things out? Mine was a gift and I just recently set it out where I could get to it more easily and use in in making cards. I've still only scratched the surface in what it can do, though - I need to play with it and get to know it more. Glad you got a chance to break yours open and work with it some! Those all look like fun projects.

  7. I do that, too! Write things down just to cross them off! I read that when we cross off items off our to-do lists, it releases endorphins which are the "feel good hormone"! Its the same thing that exercise does, only without the sweat. ;) And way to go! I've never heard of a silhouette machine, but it sounds very cool.

  8. Yep! Write down to-dos and cross them off even though they've already been done. I guess it gives a sense of accomplishment! And i LOVE the It Is Well With my Soul plaque, but the price tag is higher than usual. I'd love to have it too!


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