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INSTAFriday #9

Are you kidding? I seems like yesterday was Monday how did we make it to Friday already? As soon as summer is over Fall flies by and before we know it it's holiday time. 
(let me just stop for an impromptu grammar lesson. I am seriously the kind of girl that thinks of what i'm gonna type and if there is a word I can't recall how to spell I just pick another, as is or has been the case with the word "fly". Okay so time "flys" or "flies"?  So I knew it was fly for singular and flies for plural but I honestly had no idea what to use in the place of "time flys or flies." So, finally today after a thousand times of replacing the word fly with another I finally know.  In the case of "time flys or flies." It would be the plural form flies. Go firgure! That was my problem all along, why use the plural form for flies but alas, it's flies. Wow, this grammar lesson has lasted forever. Time flies when you're having fun or is it time's fun when you're having flies?) 
Anyhoo, before all my time flies away, on to INSTAFriday.
This week was pretty quiet. Actually I didn't get out much at all. Johnny was gone for 3 days and when he was home I just felt like cuddling on the couch, which we did a lot of in front of the first fire of the season in the wood burning stove. I love Fall!

This is hilarious! You know the old adage, "as long as there are children in the house you'll never have peace in the bathroom", well I need to rewrite that as "as long as there are children or doggies in the house you'll never have peace in the bathroom". Apparently Zoi feels the need to take up the post of guarding the bathroom door when it's in use. She's crazy, she'll sit there and scratch and it sounds like someone is knocking. Oh well, as least she feels useful. 

My second photo on my Instagram feed is this. My happy place in the morning is at my desk with my Bible and coffee. I'm so thankful that the Bible is a living Book and is new every time I read it. BTW, you can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the girl.

Also, if you see my pen,'s only the best Bible marking pen ever! If you don't know about these, they're amazing. They are the Pilot Frixion Point pens and they are completely bleed proof, smudge proof and erasable! Yes, erasable!! They erase everything and leave absolutely no mark whatsoever. They are wonderful. They are also extrememly hard to find in stores in the States but you can get them online here. Also I got mine on Amazon where I found them to be the least expensive.

So, Happy INSTAFriday to everyone!! I hope you'll link up today so I can come and check out your INSTAFriday shares too!


  1. Pink...such a pretty color. People use the Frixion pens in quilting, also.

  2. Funny about the dog guarding the bathroom door! My step-father's cat will pace up and down outside his bedroom door and meow until he gets up to feed him. I guess he doesn't get to sleep in at all.

    I looked up the markers - will definitely try them!

  3. Happy weekend!!! And, thanks so much for the info on the pens...I'm headed to check those out!

  4. I had never heard of the markers either, but am sure going to give them a try. It is funny about the dog outside the bathroom door. lol Hope you have lovely weekend.

  5. Our dogs remind me of kids, they want to follow me into the bathroom and because I don't shut the door they do. Last night while in the bathtub our smallest suddenly appeared on the garden tub steps scaring me to death :)

  6. Thanks for the pen tip. I'll be looking into those!

  7. Thanks for the pin info! I've added it to my Amazon wishlist. :)


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