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InstaFriday #7 - Furlough 2015

Okay so I've been gone a while. Life threw us some crazy, busy stuff lately and we've been flying her and there. We're currently sitting in Pensacola, Florida with a little down time so I thought I'd use the time to update with an InstaFriday. 

I was over-joyed to get to see my sweet niece and her adorable family a little while a go. Traci is the oldest daughter of my sister Rita (she died in 1986) and these three cuties are her boys. From largest to smallest: Parker, Walker and Ryder. I was so blessed by the ability of these 3 to love so easily. My sister would be proud if she could see them now, I know I am. BTW, they're sporting their Croatian soccer jerseys.

Furlough, furlough, furlough. I often hear people say, "I'm glad you're getting to come home and take a break." I know they mean well but this is hardly a break. I'm enjoying seeing some stuff and being alone with Johnny but it's tiring for sure and I can't wait to go home. 

We've been all around the south. We started with meetings in Louisiana, went onto Mississippi, and in Florida now and headed to Alabama tonight. Oh wait...I forgot about Georgia. We had a great time with friends near Savannah and they treated us to a Brazilian Steakhouse. WOW! If you've not been and you have some money to blow (thankful for generous friends) then it's worth a try especially if you like all you can eat steak! 

After our Sunday meetings we headed to New Orleans to see the French Quarter. I loved seeing all the architecture but I didn't care for the hustle and bustle. I'm a coffee-sipping, strolling kinda gal and things were way too loud and busy for my tastes. It was nice to see and I'm happy to check it off my list. 

Stopped at a little store and bought some Brim's pig skins and was pleasantly surprised to find John 3:16 printed on the back. Bravo Brim's!

I was reading in my devotions the other morning and was saddened by this verse in Zechariah. Saddened that our dear Jewish friends can't see that the BRANCH has already come, He has already removed the iniquity of the land in one day. How sad that they can't see that the Messiah has already purchased salvation for all who will accept it. 

My hubby, love of my life and I have enjoyed Pensacola. The weather has been awesome and we've loved getting to see the water. It hadn't really been too crowded either. I loved strolling with him and making memories. I guess furlough isn't all hustle and bustle, and i'm happy for the times to just be together. 

Okay so I've managed another blog post!! Woohoo!! I'm trying to be faithful to my blog despite all the hustle and bustle. 


  1. I'm glad you're having some down time during your furlough. Pensacola is a lovely place with lovely beaches. I've always wanted to visit New Orleans just to see the architecture. Blessings.

  2. Pensacola is very pretty, isn't it? Glad you can have a little relaxing time right now!

  3. Where will you be in Alaba Tori?

  4. Well I meant Alabama!!! Too old to type on my phone!!!

    1. We were in Jackson, Wednesday night.

  5. I'm not a good traveler - I can't imagine keeping up with the pace of furlough. Glad you're getting a little alone time with hubby and the ability to see some new places in the midst of it all.

    Neat about the verse on the snack package!

    May God open people's eyes to the Branch who can take sin away.

  6. You are on a roll! Lol So sorry about the loss of your sister all those years ago. I love your little nephews names. :)

  7. I can just imagine how much you're running around! Glad you're having a good time!

  8. It's always good to see a post from you! Great pics!

  9. You are in my prayers for all of the "busy" that furloughs bring into the lives of precious ones like you and your husband. It definitely is not like one big vacation, like some seem to think...oh wait...that's what others think being on the mission field is. :) I remember those days for our family when they were on the field. May God richly bless you and your husband for your faithfulness to Him.

  10. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Furloughs are nice, but can be tiring too. :-)
    You're visiting my birth place, New Orleans. It was quite a different city when I was growing up there, than it is now. I like to remember it as it was a long time ago. :-)
    Enjoy your time together,
    God bless,


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