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Feb 6, 2015

InstaFriday Episode #1

Hey Guys, Happy Friday!!! Seems like February is speeding by just like January did. I can't believe we're only 321 days till Christmas! Okay so that's a really long time but that's totally how I feel. 

So I've decided to do something new on Fridays; INSTAFriday. I'm gonna use Friday to share some of the pics from my Instagram from that week for all those who don't follow me and actually care. *WINK*
I created this cute little button (using PicMonkey like we discussed in my last post) for INSTAFriday just in case someone wants to join in! Who knows, I may even make a linky  link-up  Mr.Linky blog-hop for INSTAFriday. So here goes!

I am always looking for a good, low-carb, indulgent meal to make life a little interesting and I totally found it in this Paprika Chicken recipe. I eat it over noochini zoodles zucchini noodles as you can obviously see and it's to-die-for! The recipe is really simple too and it's great with a salad or a big, hunkin', slice of buttered bread if you're lucky enough to get eat the stuff.  The recipe comes from George Stella's Low Carb Cookbook and it's a keeper. Oh yeah, and Veldyn is his Mama!



2 tablespoons trans-fat free margarine

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, about 11⁄2 pounds

1 cup sliced yellow onion

2 tablespoons paprika

1⁄2 teaspoon salt

1⁄4 teaspoon pepper

1⁄2 cup low sodium chicken broth

8 ounces light sour cream, or plain yogurt


1. Place margarine in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

2. Add chicken and lightly brown on each side, about 1-2 minutes per side.

3. Lower heat to medium and stir in onions, paprika, salt, and pepper, cooking 1 more minute.

4. Pour in the chicken broth, cover, and simmer for 7-10 minutes more, or until chicken is cooked throughout and slicing into one reveals no pink.

5. Remove from heat and stir in sour cream. Serve hot garnished with a sprinkle of paprika.

I took this photo of my silly Zoi napping in the dining chair that someone (my dear daughter) left pulled out. Of all the places to sleep, crazy dog!

Okay, I know you're already like, "What?" Well, living on the mission field has it's disadvantages, like no SONIC for one thing. Man, do I miss those diet cherry limeades! Another thing we found to be quite depressing early on here in Croatia is that it was almost impossible to find a really good, American-like, smoked bacon. Okay let's be truthful, bacon is AH-mazing!! Anyhow I took this photo of my breakfast to show a fellow missionary wife that we can indeed get good bacon here now. 

Being the good friend I am I even photographed the bacon package showing it only cost 3.50 for half a kilo (roughly a lb.). So the next time you eat bacon, remember the plight of the poor missionaries around the world who live life on a daily basis without bacon. *U*

Last but not least, my sweet Hannah girl sang and played a special for church Sunday evening. She's truly very talented and can play several instruments by ear including the piano, violin and recorder, and yes the recorder is a real instrument! I think she must have been switched at birth in the hospital since she didn't get her talent from us but since she was born in my bedroom at home, I guess that's not possible. 

Anyhow, there concludes Episode #1 of INSTRAFriday. I hope you'll come along a play too, soon. I'd love to see your photos from everyday life! 


  1. I think your bacon is cheaper than it is here in America right now! Bacon and Beef prices are so high that we have been eating lots of chicken!! Tell Hannah I have been missing her blog posts. I do see her pretty pictures on Instagram. She is quite talented at putting outfits together. And that sweet Zoi....she looks like quite the lovie!!

    1. Arlene, I'm always amazed how much groceries go up every time we make it back to the States. I'm just glad we can get bacon at all. BTw, I'll make sure to tell Hannah!

  2. I enjoyed your photos! I'm not a big fan of bacon but sausage....! Now we're talking! Hannah is a lovely young lady and you must be very proud. I played violin when I was in high school but certainly not by ear!

    1. Melanie, I love sausage too, sadly there's no Jimmy Dean here or Eckrich. I thought about trying to make it but I've never got around to it.

  3. I love bacon! I'm glad you are able to get it now in Croatia. I couldn't imagine life without it! :)

    Your daughter is very talented to be able to do all that by ear. I think I may be a little jealous! My hubby is like that too. He plays piano by ear too.

    I like your idea of InstaFriday and if you don't mind, I think I might play along.

    1. Ooh, I'm delighted Cathy that you wanna play along! Yeah!!

    2. I did it. I made a InstaFriday Post. I didn't have many pictures this time. But hopefully this will encourage me to take more pictures.

  4. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Gotta have bacon!

  5. I never thought about missionaries being unable to get bacon! Very sad indeed! I use bacon A LOT.

    Love your instagram Friday idea, however I don't have instagram because my phone is ... well, archaic is not the word ... but it doesn't have internet! I'll just come by and look at your pictures.

    1. Thanks Jerralea! Now you know how badly poor missionaries suffer! Not! Life is wonderful here. I'm gonna have to do a post on the sufferings on a missionary in Europe. Sometimes I think old phones are better. I know our new ones are suppose to make life easier but it's really just a lot to learn and then we never really use all the gadgets on them anyhow!

  6. I don't have an instagram account, so I appreciate and enjoyed your post. Your daughter is a beautiful young lady, and it sounds like she is very talented!

    Zoi is a very pretty dog!

    And that chicken...ah...why am I getting such strong hunger pains?! I think I better close my blog reading for the evening and go get some dinner!

    1. Thank you Bethany! Hannah is a lovely young lady, I imagine she's not much younger than you. She's starting Bible college this year in the States and I'm a nervous wreck, not really but I know I will be. Have a great weekend!

  7. Store brand bacon here in the northeast US is often as much as $4.98 per pound. Recently we found a $2.49/lb. price and you had better believe we stocked up! We have it (but only half a package, and I cut the slices in half) on Sunday mornings with waffles when the grandkids are here.

    Can't do instagram ... no phone .. but I will so enjoy seeing your picture posts.

    1. Mrs. T, I thought we were getting a good deal on that bacon. I'm always amazed at how expensive stuff is in the States when we come home on furlough. When we left the States in 2000 milk was .99 a gallon (store brand) then we came back 4 years later and it was 2.99. The first time I went grocery shopping to buy meals while we were there I left without buying meat cause it was so expensive. I guess it's all relevant to what you're used to.
      BTW, Sunday morning waffles and grand-kids sounds delightful!

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me at Breathing in Grace....I'm headed to follow you, too. That chicken looks AWESOME. I try to limit my carbs, too, but have found that limiting calories has worked best for me as far as weight loss. HOPE you have a great weekend!

  9. It is! Fuels everyone just fine to get through Sunday School and morning service! My hubby makes the waffles and it's become a real Sunday morning tradition for us. The kids are not here every weekend, and we eat a simpler breakfast in that case, but they are here most weekends.

    Milk here is currently $2.69/gallon for store brand. Beef -- well, I won't even buy it. Ground beef is outrageously priced. Pork and chicken are both more reasonable.

    Your daughter is amazingly talented (as well as beautiful)! I can't imagine being able to play all those instruments by ear. I laughed when you noted that since she was born at home, she couldn't possibly have been switched at birth. My daughter has had 3 home births, all of them in water, and has had great experiences.

  10. This is going to be a wonderful link-up! Definitely linking up next week!!!
    Your daughter is beautiful!

  11. Your daughter is a beauty! My middle daughter can play piano, mandolin, and "fiddle" by ear. Well, she can also pick up my son's toy guitar with one string on it that is out of tune and play Amazing Grace! Also did NOT get that from any of us. She started singing harmony parts at 5, and I will say she did get that from me, although I wasn't able until I was 13! Isn't it great how God can use our kids even if He can't use us in that way?! Lol

  12. Not having bacon is quite a sacrifice! Great pictures.

  13. Thank you for your continued prayers.

    I think your bacon prices are cheaper than in my area. I usually buy turkey bacon. Nice captures!

  14. Oh, I loved each of your photos, especially the pup sleeping on the chair :) So wonderful that your daughter is gifted musically and that she is able to minister to others.


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