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Dec 8, 2014

Happy 43rd Johnny

Today I want to wish my dearest friend in the world a happy 43rd birthday. I've been so blessed to spend 23 of those years with him and I can't imagine my life with out him. 
To celebrate his 43 years of life on this Earth I'm gonna share 43 (yes I know that's a lot) things I love about him. 

I love Johnny because...

1. he loves the Lord with his whole heart. 
2. he is real!
3. he is amazingly faithful. 
4. has always makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the room. 
5. my heart safely rests in his hands. 
6. he has always built me up. 
7. he is a wonderful kisser. *wink*
8. he knows me better than I know me and he still loves me. 
9. he is a wonderful father. 
10. he practices what he preaches. 
11. he is gentle. 
12. he loves those who are unlovable. 
13. our story was clearly orchestrated by God. 
14. I know that next to Jesus I am his favorite person in the world. 
15. he has never, ever let me down. 
16. he has kept none of his heart from me.
17. he is content with God's will for his life. 
18. he has never made me feel anything but priceless. 
19. he is not a quitter, ever!
20. he is long suffering. 
21. Jesus is his first Love. 
22. his life is a true reflection of God's grace. 
23. he sees the possibility in all people. 
24. he is a forever faithful a Cowboys fan, win or lose. 
25. he has made me realize that I am precious.
26. he is an amazing preacher, my favorite!
27. he applauds anything I try to do. 
28. when he laughs he has the most amazing lines around his eyes, be still my heart
29. his smile is amazing!
30. the Bible is real and his most valued possession. 
31. he lives by principles and believe them. 
32. he believes what he preaches.
33. he gives the most amazing hugs. 
34. he is incredibly thoughtful.
35. his blue eyes make my knees weak. 
36. he was responsible for getting me to Jesus. 
37. he walks with the Lord daily. 
38. he doesn't realize how amazing he is. 
39. he would give the shirt off his back for someone in need. 
40. he loves to cuddle. 
41. he is an amazing missionary who considers it an honor. 
42. he loves me for me. 
43. he is unselfish.

I know this was a mushy post but he really is that amazing! 
Happy 43rd Johnny!!!



  1. Such a sweet post about your man, Tori. #17...that says it all for me...he is content with God's will for his life. Therein lies the key!

  2. What a precious post about your husband. Happy Birthday to Johnny.

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! And I want to know how old you all were when you had your children!! 14???you are so young!!

    1. Arlene, we got married when I was 18 and he was 19 and our oldest son arrived 16 months later. Our children are 17, 19 and 22. It works out great cause we'll still be young when we are empty nesters And that'll be fun!

  4. Happy belated birthday to your husband! I hope he had a nice day and I hope you shared this with him! A wonderful testimony of a godly man!


  5. Happy Birthday to your dear husband! The two of you make a beautiful couple!

    Enjoy your week!

  6. Beautiful post <3 It was neat to read your list and it is such a special one. Happy Birthday to your fella!

  7. Aw, a little mush is great every now and then! Happy birthday to your hubby. He sounds like a real man of God, and our world needs more of men like him.

  8. Happy birthday, Bro. Johnny! It's a blessing to see two people loving God and each other through thick and thin. <3

  9. Thanks for telling me that Tori!! I got married at 21 and had mine between the ages of 23 and 28 so when ours were out of the nest, we were still fairly young! I have to say time is catching up with us now!!lol...

  10. Happy birthday! God bless you both!

  11. It's totally awesome when God gives you the right person to travel through life with! Hope his birthday was wonderful.

  12. Happy Birthday to your husband! Beautiful list :)

  13. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Happy day!


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