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It's official!

Okay so I know that so many of you put up your Christmas tree weeks ago and that's cool but in our house the Christmas season doesn't officially begin until the turkey is gone!

So Zoi and I want to officially open the 2014 Christmas season!! Her heart is in it regardless what her face says!



  1. We would always put up our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We would put up our outside lights (but not light them) any warm weekend when we lived in Montana starting in November. Who wants to be stringing lights outside in freezing weather,LOL. So we would string them but not light them until Thanksgiving Eve. People here have already decorated with lights inside and out before Thanksgiving. Because I'm moving so close to after Christmas, I'm not putting a tree up this year but will enjoy everyone else's decorations.

    Zoi looks cute :) I don't think Koda would ever go for the outfit :)

    Enjoy the season!


  2. I am the same way. I love Christmas and can't wait for the season to begin, but I always wait until the day after Thanksgiving to pull out my Christmas decor :) Zoi is just too cute! Have fun and enjoy the weekend. Hugs!

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    1. Hey, thanks, she looks like her older sister Hannah!

  4. Lol, that picture of Zoi is priceless! Are you sure her heart is in decorating for Christmas?

    I really only like to have the tree up for a couple of weeks - it gets on my nerves to have the living room so full ... but I do like decorating my table for Christmas early.

  5. Adorable! Mandy has a pretty, Christmasy dress which she'd rather not wear. Let the festivities begin!

  6. ~smile~ That Zoi is one cutie! Our home was decorated early this year for Christmas because of our son's family coming for Thanksgiving. They live about 15 hours from us and won't be coming for Christmas...we'd decided when they were here in April that we would celebrate Christmas while they were here. Our granddaughters decorated the tree and the three of us worked at decorating the rest of the house! We are set! Now I have the month of December to just enjoy it all!

    Eat more turkey! ~chuckle~

  7. Awww! We are trying to get in the right gear, but another daughter now has the flu virus :(

  8. Oh she just looks thrilled to death! Lol cute.


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