Oct 10, 2014

Ridiculously Easy Propagating from the Airplane Plant

 When my chillins were young I couldn't keep anything green alive, I killed everything but apparently now that my kids are young adults I have more time and I am finally developing a green thumb. I super-love plants! So when we headed to the States 2 months ago I asked my sweet Croatian Grandma Marija to watch my house plants while we were  away.

I have plants all through my little sun room/foyer, in my house and if my home was larger I'd have then everywhere. Anyhow, when I got my Chlorophytum comosum (better know as Spider Plant, Airplane Plant or even Hen and Chickens) back I was amazed at how much it had grown and it had little plantlets everywhere. 

At the end of the shoots that come out from the plant there are these little new plants that start, they even have roots. My plant have about 12 of those so i decided to propagate and make my world even greener, 

Propagating with the Spider Plant is super easy. All that's needed is some small containers with a potting mix, water and a little patience. 

You want to set the small containers around the large plant and maneuver then so the small plantlets can put situated over the potting mix in the containers. You may need to use a bent paper clip to hold them in place so that the plantlet can root. The little roots will soon reach down to the soil and root themselves giving you a whole new plant. As soon as the roots are firmly in place you can sever the stem close to the new plant from the original plant. This whole process takes about 2 weeks and presto, plants for your home or to be used as gifts and for free! 

So here they are, my little ones all ready to grow big and strong and put off their own little plantlets and so the cycle begins again. 

The Spider Plant is really very versatile and hearty. They are a super easy beginners plant and most of the time only plat out neglect can kill them. They are also considered one of the top clean air plants. 
The new plants can even be planted outside in beds but not in direct sunlight. 

The Spider Plant is a great beginner plant and it's also very cost efficient since it never stops reproducing.  



  1. I have a hard time keeping plants alive too. I have ONE plant that I have had alive for nearly four years now! I don't do anything to it... I don't know how it is still here. My daughter got me a plant for Mothers day and so far, it is still alive and I bought an Aloe plant a while back that is still going strong! THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL I love plants and I wish I had a florida room on my house so I could have a TON

    1. Sounds like you have a good bunch of plants going. I love the way plants make a house feel cozy and alive. I'm a novice but I love 'em!


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