Nov 19, 2013

7 Free, modest Clothing Tutorials

I've been collecting some great modest tuts lately for the day when I get a burst of motivation and energy. These are really versatile tuts 'cause the length and sleeves can be added to to make them as modest as you'd like. Oh yea and best of all, they're FREE!

This is a great tutorial over at Merrick's Art. She's very thorough and look how cute it turns out. Love it!

Again, Merrick's Art has another awesome tut. Love this little Mod Shift Dress

There's a great T-shirt dress tutorial over at iCandy. This could be so versatile especially if I had one in black, khaki and navy!

I adore this super-easy top pattern over at It's Always Autumn. The possibilities are endless. I love that it's super easy to make the sleeves longer. 

Is this not the most adorable blouse! It's a man's dress shirt, no really! Adorable!
Guess what, the tutorial is free over at It's Always Autumn

Love this cute pleated skirt tutorial. The Socialite Skirt over at Elle Apparel is so cute. She's got a great tut for it so take a peek.

Love this maxi dress tutorial that I found over at Second Story Sewing. She used a sheet, so smart and cheap. 

I'm totally gonna make some of these as soon as that burst of energy comes along. I'm sure you're totally self-motivated and you're gonna be knocking these out in no time. 

Anyhoo, enjoy!!



  1. I love the pictures and I am going to check out the you....I need that burst of energy first..

  2. Great ideas. Gotta be in the mood to sew and I want to make some skirlottes soon


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