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Jun 18, 2013

A Bucket of Turquoise Gold

One of the things of the to-do list was to move Hannah into the boys' old room. It's larger and her room will son become my sewing *whoohoo* room/guest room. Anyhoo, we had to cover up Josh's scuffed gray walls before she could make her move. Hannah loves chartreuse and turquoise (like her Mama) so we went and got the paint and went to work.

 photo photo2_zps1e2a33b5.jpg

 photo photo1_zps31c43643.jpg

We debated back and forth between several options, diagonal stripes, chevron, diamonds and her idea for huge circles. Finally I usurped my seniority and trumped her circles for chevron.

The pattern was a booger at least for this beginner but once it was measured and taped the painting went really quick.

In case you're wondering, I used a fancy square top to our Bible trivia game to lightly draw squares starting at the top left and then covered the entire wall. Then I just went corner to corner of the draw on squares to make the chevron. It was really pretty easy, a little time consuming but it would be a great project for a smaller foyer wall or any focal wall. I wold love to do a tone on tone in my foyer and maybe will, I'll letcha know.

In case you're puzzled, we continued two of the chevrons onto the little corner thinggy (boiler smoke stack) just 'cause we could. Not sure if I'm sold on it but Hannah likes it.

So we finished putting all her stuff in her room so it's not sparse like the above photo, not even close and guess what...I still had a bucket of turquoise paint. I hate to see good paint go to waste 'cause after a while it starts to separate and eventually it's useless so I found something to use it on.

I bought this little table at a thrift shop in the Sates several furloughs ago and brought it to Croatia when we shipped a container of Bibles here. It originally looked a bit better but after living on the back patio and seeing too much action it's a little worse for the wear. So...No, I didn't chunk it, I got my turquoise paint out and rescued the sad little thing.

 photo CDBC002B-C9B2-43FE-A802-483EAD44E3E8-137-0000000C8B6D7BCE_zps722b7173.jpg

 photo CAC381BB-1DE5-40BB-A66F-E7B03EDAEB4D-137-0000000C711E022C_zpse1d699f0.jpg

I didn't want a new-looking table so I decided to try something different. I painted two coats of the paint on the table and then sanded the paint off  of the places that would be most touched or bumped in regular use.

 photo 893bf02a7853015cd14974afe2ba4274_zps701c7528.jpg

You can see below what I mean. I have several close-ups to show the distressing. After that I took a can of
walnut stain from the stash in the garage and decided to age it.

 photo bf855892436200f8f80a915b1db34f1c_zps790793c0.jpg

I dry rubbed stain very sparingly all over the sucker! I was pretty hap-hazard about it. I did add a little extra stain where I had distressed to make it a little dirtied-up. I love Super-love the final result!

 photo 347d3dc21e003d581085c6459e7b73f6_zps59ff8305.jpg

You can see in the above photo how the stain gave the turquoise paint a nice aged look and the distressing actually looks believable, I think.

 photo af07756dacf0de9644808b2b745e5530_zps0f980922.jpg

 photo bf855892436200f8f80a915b1db34f1c_zps790793c0.jpg

 photo d3773212da4a823d7caa606a2b975e6a_zps6b302fb1.jpg

I really distressed quite a bit on the corner posts, amazing how it looks like worn paint.

 photo 03eb030b6ed799b787896aeda479e54c_zpsf0e28982.jpg

Oh yea and it had old, ugly brassy looking casters on it and I removed them when I painted so I could spray them black but after careful consideration (yeah right) I decided the old, ugly caster actually lent to the aged look. I love it when not doing anything makes things awesome. :0)

So I'm pretty pleased with my little serving trolley and you can be guaranteed that it won't weather the elements on the patio anymore.



  1. Love the table! I'm not completely sold on Hannah's room either (at least wouldn't like it in my room) BUT I think it is fun for a teen! My daughter did some pretty wild stuff on the walls at that age!

  2. Looks GREAT... love it...

  3. Tori, that last comment was from me, the one from JO Klak.. I was under my hubbys name on accident... LOL
    ANyway.. looks GREAT.... love it.

  4. Looks good! The girls want a different color on their wall. I'm afraid it will have to wait until we move to the coast.
    BTW, I read your latest prayer letter while in TX at Victory Baptist Church in Longview.

    Sounds like great things are happening. When is the fall meeting scheduled?

    1. Not sure which meeting he mentioned. There are lots of things planned so I'm not sure. I should probably read his letter. :0]

  5. I love the color! I especially love the stand!!!!! Great job!!

  6. The meeting where a man by the name of Frazier is coming for a visit.

    1. Oh yeah, that's gonna be mission conference in October.i forgot.

    2. What are the dates?

    3. What are the dates?

  7. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Hi Tori!!!!! So good to "hear" from you! I've thought about you a lot - especially recently when I realized that I don't hear from you anymore on FB and need to look you up! You did it before I got to it!
    I could have written most of your post about the boys being gone from home and only having one child at home etc. etc. For us it's different, but the same too. Two are married and we have our youngest at home. However, we are also done HSing. Having a baby here has been great! ;) Even DD loves and and DH. Different and doing something worthwhile, however, my time is limited. But that's okay. I'm still at home and with my family and helping another family too. Our grandson is amazing- it still hasn't hit that I'm a GRANDMA!! :) God is so good! We feel so blessed and see His hand in our lives.
    I can't see all the pics but I like Hannah's room paint! Great job! I wouldn't be so brave. I've only ever painted one room myself - the bathroom. That was always "men's work" when I grew up. I do cut the grass and other "men's jobs" now ;) , but haven't gotten into painting. Guess I won't with a little one in my care! I did carry walkway blocks today as hubby was working on it, with baby in a snuggli! GREAT exercise! Miss you! Keep in touch! I pray for you often!


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