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Wow, FREE digital diet helps!

Okay now, the digital age has been a huge bump in the road for America and the world when it comes to our health. We are sitting, watching, surfing or working at a desk way longer than we ever were before which means way less walking, exercising and outdoor activities than before. The truth is the digital age is here to stay and while it's been a determent in many ways it's doing it's best to redeem itself.  

The World Wide Web has a lot to offer when it comes to health and guess what, a ton of it is free. So, this is my list of some great, free digital diet helps on the web or for tablets and phones. 

I haven't tried all of these yet but I have looked into many of them. As with anything be very careful, I can't vouch for the content of every part of these resources. If you find something improper please let me know. 


This is a great resource for workout videos. The trainers are very clean and always dressed. This is awesome for beginners and advanced. It’s like having your own personal coach rooting you on and encouraging you through each workout.
Price: Free online only

Whether you’re starting an exercise routine for the first time, or just want some workout inspiration, Fitness Builder can help. This app lets you choose from an impressive library of more than 5,600 exercise images and videos, or, you can even ask a personal trainer for helpful advice.
Price: free on iPhone and Android. Download here.

Sit Ups Pro

If you’re in search of that elusive six-pack, or just need to know how many calories you’re burning with every crunch, this app is for you. To use it, enter your age, weight and fitness level, hold your smartphone above your chest and get crunching. It keeps track of the amount of sit ups set for you. This app is a good motivator for those who exercise best when working towards a numeral goal.
Price: free on Android. Download here

Nike Boom

Now you can achieve that long, lean and toned body with Nike’s personal trainer workout app. This version lets you choose from more than 60 workout sessions (including images and audio) matched back to your own music. Just download it.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.Download here.  iPhone  Android

Just Start Walking

From the Australian Chiropractor’s Association comes this easy-to-use app. It allows you to track, map and measure the distance you’ve walked, share updates with friends, while offering information on how to maintain correct posture or find a chiropractor in your area – if needed. 
Price: Free on the iPhone and Android

Nike Training Club

I haven’t used this app yet but I did download it and it looks like it’s packed with info. Nike has recently updated its star training app that offers targeted, custom-built workouts in easy-to-follow step-by-step images. It contains more than 60 workouts which you can watch or listen to for guidance. Plus this version contains five new workout routines from professional athletes including Rhianna’s personal trainer, a yoga instructor and more.
Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.



If you’re looking for a new running route, want to log the distance travelled or find someone nearby to run with, them this app is a must-have. This version also suggests the foods you should eat before and after your workout, and logs the number of calories burned.
Price: free on iPhone and Android. Download here. iPhone  Andriod


Like iMapMyRun, this app uses built-in GPS technology to track your cycling distance, while keeping track of the time, distance or speed you’ve cycled.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone 


The Australian Heart Foundation recommends walking 30 minutes every day in order to keep our weight, heart and cholesterol levels in check. This app lets you keep track of how far you’re walking, and how many kilojoules you’ve burnt by storing the information on your phone (which is then uploaded to the website).
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here.  iPhone  Android 


This app is like having a mini pedometer in your pocket. Launched by Australian charity 10,000 Steps, it keeps a tally of how much you move each day which you can sync to the website to keep track of your progress. Simple and motivating.
Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.  iPhone

This app contains a built-in GPS to track your performance as you get fit. It analyses your workout data, lets you share your information and photos with friends and comment on their workouts. This is the most powerful tracking app available for Nokia smartphones and it is also available for Android devices, Windows phones and iPhone.
Price: free on iPhone, Android, Nokia and Windows. Download here.



Fooducate - Diet Tracker & Healthy Food Nutrition Scanner
Lose weight, eat real food, and track your progress. Fooducate grades your food, explains what's really inside each product, and offers healthier alternatives. We've got the largest database of UPCs - over 200,000 unique products and growing. Price: Free on iPhone , iPod and iPad

Spark Recipes

This Healthy Recipes app by Spark People lets you browse and search thousands of recipes. I particularly like that it’s all geared towards healthy eating (and they include nutrition info for each recipe).

Price: Free on the iPhone iPod iPad and Android

Honest Label

Scan any barcode in the grocery store (their database is already over 250,000 items), and it should give you clear nutritional information. I particularly love that you can keep a list of ingredients you want to avoid, and the app will warn you if it’s in one of the items you scan.

Price: Free and available here or on the app store.


Like to know how much saturated fat is in a Big Mac? How about the sugar content in your favourite chocolate bar? This app lets you keep track of the nutritional content of more than 7,000 foods in one handy device. Use it to monitor your overall fat and calorie intake while eating out and at the supermarket.
Price: Free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

This is a pretty awesome resource. Type in your zip code and it pulls up all the eateries in the area and healthy options. Great for traveling or  just nursing an unexpected hunger pang while out and about. Good Food Near You helps you make an informed decision before grabbing the nearest burger.
Price: Free on  iPhone, iPod Touch

Do you know your goji’s from your gooseberries? This app teaches you about a wide range of superfoods and how to integrate them in your diet. It gives you the health information on each superfood, along with clear, useful images so you can spot them when shopping in the supermarket and over 200 recipe ideas too.
Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.

This app contains 110 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes. There’s even suggestions for making your own mocktails, and best of all, calorie content is included.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here  iPhone  Android 


Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

I use this App daily, even hourly. I love My Fitness Pal! Enter your age, gender, weight loss goals and this clever app will help you reach your weight loss goals in your requested time frame. It lets you keep a food diary, tracks the amount of exercise you do, and after all your hard work it tells you how much room for manoeuvre (such as a glass of wine) you have left at the end of the day. Addictive.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Download here. iPhone  Android

This is an awesome site for tracking everything. There is a wonderful food tracker, database, workout videos and community here. This is an all in one site for health. I’ve tried it and highly recommend it.
Price: Free

We have over 250,000 foods in our database.
Get support from our community of 5 million members.
Receive personal consultations with our independent Registered Dietitians.
Have fun and earn points, rewards, and achievements with our Calorie Camp.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Download here. iPhone Android Blackberry


Lose it!

Life is busy enough as it is. Lose It! makes weight loss easy by putting healthier choices in the palm of your hand. Set up a personalized weight loss plan, connect the latest apps and devices, and start losing weight.

Price: Free



Traffic Light FoodTracker

Developed by the Obesity Policy Coalition, this waist-whittling program compares packaged food products by entering the amounts of salt, fat, saturated fat and sugar per 100g. This then generates a traffic light for each nutrient: red for high, amber for medium and green for low.
Price: free on iPhone, iPad and Android.Download here.  iPhone  Android

According to a study at Wisconsin-Madison University, photographing your meals can help you keep your overall kilojoule count under control. Use your iPhone to record your meals, then upload them to this site to keep track of how much you’ve eaten (and drunk) each day.
Price: free on iPhone and iPad. Download here.  

p.s. sorry for the sloppy formatting, Word to Blogger doesn't jive like it should. :0)



  1. Thank you for the information! I'm definitely going to download some of these!

  2. I have used sparkspeople in the past and I always really liked it!!!!

  3. This diet go around I've been using You can input your food, exercise, water intake, etc. so very easily. An up-side for me is that there is an app for it on my Kindle Fire so I can my info even when away from home. It is super easy to do. My husband and I both are using it.

  4. Apparently, some of these are not available in the US store. :-(


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