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Valentine Extravaganza

I love holidays! I have always wanted to be one of those people who decorate for every holiday. I always have good intentions and I end up doing a little but not like I would like. 

Anyhoo, here are some ideas for decoration for Valentines Day and some really unique Valentines.
Super cute wreath from the idea room

So cute and free printables.

Easy idea for dressing up any light or any thing for that matte. 

How cute are these? And kisses are the best!

Leave it to BHG to come up with genius!

Snuggling + Heart shaped Marshmallows and Cocoa = LUV

Gonna go make some heart garland...for real!


  1. My favorite, favorite, favorite ideas are that wreath at the top and that throw pillow! Love them! Happy Love Day, Tori! :o)

  2. These are awesome ideas!! Love, love!!


  3. Thanks for compiling and sharing these! Great ideas!


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