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A Little Love Goes a Long Way

One of the biggest blessings about being a missionary is getting to do nice things for others. There is always an opportunity to do for others in Croatia. Croatia has a very large population of Roma (Gypsy) folks. Many of them live in little villages outside of town and struggle from day to day for the very basics in life. 
Christmas comes and goes each year and the vast majority of these children never receive anything for Christmas. While we know that Christmas is not about gifts but about our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the gifts are a way into their lives so we can introduce them to the real Gift of Christmas. 

This year we also reached out to many poor Croatian families and we were blessed to see two come to know the Lord. 

So many churches in the States stood with us and helped us do for these folks this Christmas. 
We say Thank You to all who participated and helped make this Christmas a special one for so many who have nothing. 

We all had a ball going through all the gifts and scarves that were made for our folks. We enjoyed a Wednesday night of preparing gifts for the following day.

On Sunday afternoon at our 4:00 kids meeting in Cakovec we gave out all the shoe boxes, gifts and scarves that you all made for them. So little made then so happy.

Then we headed out to one our Gypsy villages and handed out candy and scarves to the children. You find many things in these villages but orderliness isn't one of them. We started out good but soon lost control.

They were so happy to just get a scarf. 

Bro. Johnny and Bro. Sam in there custom made scarves that the Bingham family sent for them. 

Special thank to all who gave and sacrificed time and money to be a blessing to children, we love you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 



  1. May God bless all who had a part. It is a blessing for me just to see the pics. How is your oldest son doing?

  2. Beautiful pictures, Tori! I think my favorite is where they were all holding their bags up. <3



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