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20 years and counting.

God has been so good to us over the last 20 years. I can't even believe that we have already been together for 20 years. Are you kidding, 20 years? When I think of couples who have been together 20 years I always think that they're really old to have been together for 20 years, but I've changed my mind. 

Johnny surprised me with a dream road trip. We started out picking up our rent car at the airport and oh my goodness!!! My favorite care in the world is a 67 Camero and the new ones look a lot like the old ones so I love the new ones. Anyhow, this was our rental for our little road trip. He's so sweet!
I couldn't believe all the men that would stop and check out the car and little children who oohed and ahhed over it. It was nice for a week!
Then we headed to a cabin on the Ozarks, it was heaven. 

We had such a great time at the cabin, it was so peaceful and restful. 
We visited Hot Springs twice and got to do some looking around. It's nice and quaint. 
We did get to see the worst rated high school in the US, or at least it was the one that graduated Bill Clinton.
We rode the DUCKS and it was really nice. They went onto Lake Hamilton and it was so pretty. The poor lady infront of us had no idea that the DUCK was amphibious; she couldn't swim and was a little freaked out especially when it started to rain out on the lake. 
We went to a beautiful woodland garden on lake Hamilton. Garvan Garden is a lovely place to visit and the walk was so relaxing. 

I love this bridge, so pretty. 

Johnny, feeding the goldfish. 

We loved the chapel in the woods. the really great thing about this place is that it was air conditioned!

The mountain tower was great too, it was amazing how far you could see on this thing. 

After we left Hot Springs we headed to Branson, Mo by way of the back roads. The Camero is awesome and can pass another car so fast you can't look over fast enough to see who's driving. 
At a mountain overlook, lovely! 

Yes, I did let Johnny drive a few times!
We had a great time in Branson at Silver Dollar City.  What a great family oriented place. Actually it was strange because the music playing over the speakers was Gospel. Wow! 
There were tons of artisans and it was so neat to see them working. 

Branson in general was a really neat place and very family oriented. I was amazed that I didn't see one bad place on the main strip. This Ripley's place was cool. 

They go a bit overboard on the themed eateries. :0)
The best thing was the Titanic museum. Yes that is a building. It was so great and really worth a peak if you head that way. 

Well we are well on our way to our 21st anniversary and we already have an idea for our 25th. Think we'll take a look-see at Alaska. 
I'm blessed beyond words. I am married to my best friend and he still gives makes my tummy weak when he kisses me. Doesn't get much better than that!


  1. WOW, looks like a fun, fun trip! I'd love one of those cabins with the porch...oh dear, looks like a trip that we'd love!
    Congrats again!

  2. GREAT pics Tori! I think you looked AWESOME behind the wheel of that car!! hey with only 2 kids at home and 2 church vans to haul the masses, I can totally see that being your next car ;)
    Looked like a great time!! Now hurry home!! Miss you!

  3. I absolutely love the 67-68 Camaro's too!! I loved seeing the photos of your trip. My sister has been to Garvin Gardens - it looks beautiful - we may have to go sometime. Happy Anniversary!
    Lisa :o)

  4. Awesome! Hubby and I often set out on road trips. I relish the simplicity of them; and how conducive to communicating they are.

    Your collection of photos is so fun. I especially like the timbered chapel.

  5. What a wonderful surprise!! A road trip in a convertible..what could be better than that?? That chapel looks amazing!

  6. Oh how blessed you are! Great pics thatnks for sharing.


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