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On the road again!!!

Well we're still out and about on furlough. We have been with some great friends and preachers in the last month or so. We were so blessed to be with our good friends at Springtown Baptist Temple in Springtown, Texas. We love Bro. White and the whole church. Johnny's aunt and uncle go there and it's like going home when we get to be there. Actually, SBT gave the money to put in the foundation for the first church plant in Cakovec. We love you guys!!!

Then we made it over to Grace Baptist Church in Midlothian Texas and had a ball with them. Sadly I didn't manage to get pictures of that one but it was really good. 

We got to drop by and see our good friend Dr. Carl Ogdie over at Lakeland Baptist in Ft. Worth. We really love Bro. and Mrs. Ogdie, a great couple that have stuck to the stuff and set a wonderful example for the next generation. 

The next trip took us down to the boonies in La Grange Texas. We got to see some x-missionaries to Croatia. Bro. Joel Rumbaugh and his family were missionaries for a year in Croatia before we got there. They welcomed us and treated us like family. Our time at Bethel Baptist was a blessing. 

Sometimes our trips take us to fun destinations too. We had so much fun at Bible Believers Baptist Church in Corpus Christi. Bro. and Mrs. Welder are awesome people and we felt so welcomed. 

Bible Believers gave us money to go see some sights so we headed for the Texas State Aquarium. It was awesome!!
Here are some photos we took. BTW, Hannah snapped that awesome photo of the dolphin above, how cool is that!

Can you find the hidden sea creature?
What about here, there's a little critter hiding in there.

My sweetie and me!

I love being a missionary. I wouldn't trade places with anyone. God is so good to allow us to be a part of something as big as reaching the world for Christ and then allowing us to have fun along the way too. WOW!


  1. I am glad you are having such a wonderful time!

  2. Wonderful pictures. Sounds like y'all are trucking right along.

    Tell Hannah her picture of the dolphin is VERY awesome!

    Your kids are not babies anymore. Such a great looking family you have.


  3. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Wow, Tori, looks like you're having a great time! Good for you. And your kids - THEY'RE GROWING UP SO FAST!!! Whoa! Sorry I missed the Land's End sale - but I thought it was womens....I like Land's End - they just stopped selling in our Sears here though :( . Love the pic of you & your sweetie! Hope you're enjoying some "down" time!

  4. I'm glad that your family is having a safe and fun furlough! Looks like you have gotten to see some really pretty places!

  5. Boy! Ya'll are wearing out the tires on your vehicle! Love the pic of the dolphin! It is awesome!

  6. I see you are still wearing black! Color, girl! Color!!
    I miss you!

  7. So glad that ya'll are having fun in your travels. Erin would have loved to see the dolphins, they are her favorite sea creature. I'll have to show her the pics. When do you leave TX for your next destination?
    We are keeping busy here in Croatia with school and the ministry. Can't wait for spring and warmer temps. :)
    Drop us a line anytime on our US phone if you want to catchup.


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