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Regency Baptist Church, Pastor Bob Wallace

Okay so for any of you missionaries who know the Wallaces, you know how great they are. Bro. and Mrs. Wallace are two of the most gracious people we have ever met. Bro. Wallace is a constant encourager and never fails to remind us that we have not been forgotten. He loves his missionaries.

Anyhoo, we had such a great time in conference with Regency and were so blessed to enjoy some good fellowship with some great folks. Here are a few highlights.

Bro. Bob Wallace
Mrs. Wallace and Mrs. Smith (missionary wife to England)
Miss Debi Duryee, one of the sweetest missionaries you'll meet. Miss Debi is a single missionary to the deaf in Mexico. She has served 21 years and now is in the place that she needs a co-laborer. She is praying for someone to surrender to reach the deaf and partner with her in here older years.

Our children sand Bez Njega, Without Him. We're so proud of these kids who have never once been a hindered to our ministry. They're good kids, we sure are thankful.

Bro and Mrs. Smith are missionaries to England. It's funny because we haven't seen Amanda Smith since she was a teenager in our home church before we left for Croatia. Wow, how time flies!!!

Regency is a wonderful church and we are so blessed to be partners with them all as we reach Croatia for Jesus Christ. Well, onward and forward, on to the next church!!!


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  1. Tori jako rado pročitam tvoj blog i često se oduševim. Nedostaje mi tvoj polet i uvijek si puna energije. Jesu li to Cody, Josh i Hannah pjevali na hrvatskom? Prekrasni su! Jako mi nedostaju i molim te lijepo ih sve pozdravi.


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