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One busy day!

Okay so it's Sunday and the fun begins. Today's line-up is gonna be a bugger but we'll make it though.

10:00 church in Varaždin

2:00 meeting in Trnovec (Gypsy village)

4:00 kids meeting in Čakovec

6:00 evening service in Čakovec

8:45 take everyone home

10:00 PASS OUT!

Pray for this first meeting in Trnovec, that it won't rain and that we won't have too much opposition from those that don't particularly like us Baptists, we're a cult ya know!

Is all this rushing about really worth it??? This little girl one day may think it's worth it, ABSOLUTELY it's worth it!



  1. May God give you all the strength and stamina to get you through this day and every day!
    May God bless and keep you,
    Lisa :O)

  2. May the Spirit fill those who minister in His name with the energy and strength do His will and accomplish His mission. Praise and Glory to Him for servants who work in His name!

  3. yes a busy day but, that sweet little face.. yah, TOTALLY worth it..
    Can you wrap her up and send her here? She is SO precious!

  4. Hey Cult Lady, we're a cult too. haha Sad world eh?
    Praying! Yes, she IS worth it!

  5. Always worth it! Souls are always worth it!


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