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another 14 miles and a story

Okay so today Traci and I headed out at 6:30 to ride not knowing how extremely fatigued our legs were from yesterday. If we had been smart we would have just taken the short 5 mile ride but NOOOOO, we opted for the long ride with one little change. We wouldn't take an extra leg of the route but we would shorten the route but about 3 or 4 miles. When we got to the turning point we decided to go for it and so we took off. 
The extra stretch is down a long corn lined country road and back to where we trun to go home. 
At the end of the road I stopped to wait for Traci before we turned around to head back. On the side of the road there was an old farmer selling potatoes. So I'm sitting there trying to recover from the ride so far and the man gets out to chat. Our convo. goes like this:

HIM: where you coming from?

ME: from pribislavec through Belica, Mala Subota

HIM: you need to ride that at least 5 times. (that would be 70 miles)

ME: no, I think once is plenty

HIM: you girls sure like those cakes huh? Ate a few too many?

ME: huh? (in shock) uh, yea 

HIM: you're fine just like you are (as if that would make up for the cake remark)

I translated and Traci and I broke out into a delirious laugh. 
Anyhow, we made the 14 miles. I'm pretty proud of that. Tomorrow, I think 5 miles is plenty.



  1. haha - What some people will say!
    Lisa :O)

  2. Well, ya'll are exercising and that is great. The old farmer won't recognize you as you get fit and trim.

  3. ha ha, I would have first been insulted THEN laughed and laughed!

  4. My husband's uncle would just blurt out anything and saw me after I had put on some weight and said, "You sure have gotten fat, haven't you?" :/ That wasn't nice! But I knew how he was so let it slide. :)

    Keep up the great work!

  5. OH MY! How funny!! Kevin and I bought bikes to bring over. I haven't ridden a bike in forever, but am looking forward to creating a healthier lifestyle for my family and I. I probably wouldn't have taken the cake remark so well. I do love cake though LOL, so he wouldn't have been wrong!!!

  6. Some people do not think before speaking! He probly thought it was a great pick up line! ha ha

  7. Oh, dear -- what a story! Sometimes, I'm truly amazed at what comes out of people's mouths! Good for you and Traci going on the rides anyway! :o)


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