Jan 20, 2010

Wiener Woman

click on the photo for a better look at the insanity

Okay so the other day we took a small shopping trip to Austria and I found this enticing advert decorating the window of a gas station. The woman pictured, Sarah Wiener, appears to be out of her mind for this wiener burger. Okay a sandwich made from wieners, okay is it just me or is that just wrong?? And it boasts of being NEU AND BIO, is that like bio-hazardous? Check out the enthusiasm on her face, for a wiener burger at that. Anyhow, I thought it was funny in a warped sorta way.


  1. Oh, Tori, we must have the same warped sense of humor, because I totally agree with you! LOL

    A strange idea for a sandwich, that's for sure!

  2. Ugh..does NOT look appetizing to me at all...

    when getting paid for the ad..I'm sure the smiling enthusiam didn't bother her one bit!

    Notice it doesn't show her taking an actual BITE...LOL


  3. You are right...that's warped! And a bit scary! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Just taking a break for now -- but probably not for long. I like keeping up with friends this way :-) Take care!

  4. ROFL That's so crazy.


  5. Yuck! LOL!


  6. Sooo funny and yes I agree a bit warped. Isn't a weiner burger just bologna?

  7. Can't get that excited about a wiener sandwhich but hey, if she likes it, more power to her!

  8. martina7:00 PM

    wiener woman just means that shes from vienna... so all in all just vienna woman, and that burger is not made out of wieners...its actually leberkaese. but still funny

  9. so what is leberkaese? for those of us who don't know the language.

  10. I am just cracking up at her name! What´s up with this hilarious picture? she does look like she is going out of her mind! too funny!

    How awesome you get to go into Austria to shop!

    Dani Joy

  11. Okay it is not quite as funny with with the translation but she is still way overly excited about the sandwich.

  12. Tori,
    Certainly does NOT look appetizing to me in my current chemo induced state! Not sure how someone could get that excited about a hot dog. It is interesting how different cultures respond to different stimuli!


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