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Where will you leave holes?

Last Tuesday we stood in a snowy cemetery as we said goodbye to Dinko, our brother in Christ. Dinko was 44 years old and in good health at least that's what we all thought. He was found in his chair dead and thought to have been there for several days.

A month before we got the news that yet another brother had gone to be with Jesus after battling cancer and losing.

Lately death has really been on my mind, not that I in anyway am afraid of death, on the contrary it's gonna be glorious when it finally does happen because I'll be able to look on the face of my wonderful Savior. With all the dying going on around us I've been wondering and observing what happens to the loved ones and acquaintances left behind. What changes in their lives. Do they totally have to reorder their daily lives. Do they have to pick up the slack left from the deceased? What sorta holes are left in the lives of the ones left behind from the passing of this person. Does this death change the world in any way. Will anyone miss this person? Will things get undone because this person is gone? Were there any holes left in the world from the absence of this person?

When it's your time to physically leave this world, where will you leave holes? Will your death actually change the life of anyone other then your immediately family. Have you actually been important to anyone? Have you made a difference in the life of someone less fortunate? Have you share the blessed Hope with someone and your death will sadden their heart? Is there someone who has their day brightened just because you exist?

We never know when it's our time to go. Dinko and Bro. Vlado had no idea that they were about to go, they didn't have time to go out and make a difference. What was done was done, it was too late to think about how many people would actually care that they passed. They couldn't change how many people would be at their funeral and how many just didn't care.

Wow, my sleepy eyes have been opened. I want to make such a difference in my little world that my passing will seriously effect some folks. I want to leave all sorts of holes in the lives of my loved ones. I want to leave holes in the ministries of my church, so much so that it will momentarily cripple my church. I want to have such a crowd of souls at my funeral, souls who had their lives made better because I existed. I want to leave holes!

Making a difference isn't hard, it's actually pretty simple. It just takes a little forgetting about me and mine and thinking about others. There are enough hurting souls in this world that we could make a difference in hundreds of lives simple by being kind. Stop being so selfish with your hugs and give some to some little bus kids who don't know real love is. Stop spending your money on junk you'll never use and find someone with a need and meet it. Hey giving up coke for a week and taking the money a giving it to a needy family would make a world of difference. There isn't a better feeling in the world than giving and making a difference.

So I ask you: how many holes will you leave when you go or will you leave any???



  1. Food for thought. Thanks Tori.

  2. Very thought provoking. Thanks, Tori.

  3. Hi Tori, your post reminded me of something I just listened to by Alistair Begg. He sited some verses about what happens the moment after someone dies. It was titled Christians Grieve too and can be found here if you are interested:

    Nice visiting with you this morning!

  4. That was very thought provoking - thanks for posting it.

    May God guide you through your day - God Bless Jo

  5. Oh Tori! This one made me cry! It really tugs at the heart and at the mind. I too want to leave many many holes! When I am gone from this present world, I want it to matter that I was here! This quote is on all my emails. It's all about the dash in our lives - the dash that comes between date of birth and date of death. How much was done that will impact others during that dash!Bob preached a sermon on that once and I heard another preacher preach on the same topic.

  6. Wow, Tori. Made me cry. Made me think. Made me ask the Lord for strength.

  7. Great thoughts. I know that the Leslies would leave a big hole if they were gone.

  8. Something we need to think on!

  9. I never quite thought about this way. Thanks for the thoughts...


  10. Wow, I know that I haven't left as many holes as a need to. God forigve me for being so selfish! Please help me to do my part.

  11. I did not know that Vlado had also passed away. It is so true that life is short. We must be about the Master's business, for the night cometh when no man can work.
    I remember being in Vlado's house and him being so happy on that day. I still have the recording of him singing amazing grace. He blessed me that day.

  12. It's good to think about these things. I also feel like that when I go to a funeral. Somehow thinking about our death spurs us on to live better lives, doesn't it?

  13. This chain of thought is exactly what I experienced when my Dad died suddenly when I was 26 years old. He left such a has been 5.5 years and the hole is still so visible. I want to be just like him.
    I am so sorry for your recent losses. Death *feels* so permanent, but for the believer, it's the greatest day ever, as you said.
    God bless you, Tori, I think you are making quite an impact, and in the best way - an eternal impact.

  14. This was a deep post. As you know, we, too, have said goodbye to one of our church family. It does make you think what kind of an impact you are leaving behind. What kind of a legacy are your leaving?



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