Dec 28, 2009

Public service announcement!

Please take note.
In this recent post a video of Mr. Bean's Christmas was posted and while the video was hilarious and in no way offensive; upon closer research into the Mr. Bean TV series it has come to my attention that Mr. Bean is in fact TRASH!!!

I'm so sorry for posting his video and thereby recommending him to anyone who reads this blog. I should have researched him first but alas, I'm human and made an oversight.

So if you don't get the jest of what I'm saying, MR. BEAN is TRASH and not the sorta thing Christians should be watching. Sorry for misleading anyone and I'll be much more careful next time.



  1. Hey Tori! You wicked, wicked woman! Just kidding! Won't it be nice when we don't make mistakes anymore! As they say in Australia, "No worries, mate!"

  2. Appreciate your honesty and concern Tori. Just shows how much more vigilant the Christian must be when it comes to things of this world. SO much appears innocent and yet is not and as you say TRASH.


  3. no worries. I didn´t know he was trash. I haven´t actually seen too much of his stuff but what I had seen was innocent like the video you posted.

    at any rate... at least we know now. Thanks for the warning.

    Dani Joy :)

  4. Yes, Mr. Bean is trash!!! But that's just like the devil to dress something up innocently enough to suck you in! It's you said, you're human and made an oversight. :)
    And I think you meant to say (lol)
    "I'm so sorry for posting his video and thereby am NOT recommending him to anyone who reads this blog." Hehe...another human oversight. Or maybe just a typo?

    Love ya you sweet gal!!!

  5. Hi Tori,

    Welcome to my world of human being, LOL!! You have nothing to apologize for as your testimony speaks for itself! :-)

  6. Apology accepted and thanks for the warning. What is funny or maybe not is that many Christians do watch him and other things they shouldn't and don't think a thing about it. I will be posting soon about one of my own boo boos.


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