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direct effect

One of the direct effects of two weeks of standing in the streets 7 hours a day and telling folks about Jesus:
Not to mention the 66 souls that have called upon the name of Jesus for eternal salvation.



  1. Aawww! They look tuckered out! Great rewards awaiting them tho.

  2. Praise the Lord! (they do look pretty tired, but comfy and cozy, too :P)

  3. That is just wonderful!!! I am so thankful for those like your husband are willing, Just willing to do what ever God asks. This was sort of what my post was about this week. I hope you have to go over and read it, you all were also in my thoughts as I wrote it. love you, Tori. connie

  4. They sure deserve a little snooze! How wonderful to see the number 70 at the top! Even one soul saved is a glorious thing, but it's so amazing to see the number getting higher and higer. Great job!!

  5. I hope they get sweet sleep for a wonderful job.

  6. GREAT pics!!

    I am sure that it would take a toll...

    PTL for souls saved!

  7. Hi Tori! It's been crazy here, and you all sound like you've been busy too! I'm so happy about the 78 souls saved! Praise the Lord! Hope you all are doing well. :)


  8. Praise the Lord!! That's a GOOD tired. :o)


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