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Renaissance Festival

This past week we drove 40 minutes to Koprivnica for their annual Renaissance Festival. We've never been to one so this was our first.

First off, loved that it was free, free is an awesome word.
Was a bit grossed out by all the poor animals being roasted everywhere.
Hey I like meat and everything but not if it actually looks like an animal. I like meat that is indiscernible, like chicken nuggets, meat loaf, hamburgers and so on. But I don't like to see the remnants of 'Ol Bell from the pasture down the street.
Oh well I guess Wilbur finally wore off his welcome on the family farm.

I can do fish though. Whole fish don't gross me out like real animals.

We weren't able to stay for the heretic burning. We were actually afraid of our roll in the whole bit.

One thing I did realize at the festival was that safety wasn't their utmost priority. Loved this noose hanging within reach of all the little kids. And let me tell you, there were multitudes of mini necks in this thing.

There were also cannons going off. This one was so funny, people were all around and directly below the cannon was a whole field of people. Oh well, I guess MOVE IT OR LOSE IT goes along way here.

This was hilarious. See the archers down there, shooting real arrows? Well you could shoot 3 arrows for a dollar so there were all sorts down there trying their luck. What's funny is the walk way from the town behind the targets. You can even see a man walking from town on that path. I seen more than one arrow make it up almost to the walk way. Remind me not to take that path.

This cute little baby wasn't worried at all about not having any safety restraints holding her in.
The costumes were great.

After dark there was a great fire show. These crazy guys from Slovakia were awesome. Sadly none of the night shots or videos came out, but take my word for it, they were great.



  1. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Renaissance festival looks so very neat! I've always wanted to go to one, but just never have. I've seen in books and on TV and such, but that's it. I love all the costumes too. Thanks for all the pictures!

  3. Pretty cool. They are getting ready for the big renaissance festival in Kansas City in these parts.

  4. Tori - enjoyed all the pictures and comments about the festival! :)

  5. Yes free is a good word. I've picked up my friend's saying. "If it's free, it's for me." LOL!

  6. I can't get over how unsafe this event was...WHOA!

    Kind of scary too!!! with some of the things going on...

    Arrows...oh my!

    if it wasn't so would be funny!

    Glad you made it home SAFE! LOL


    by the way stop by my creative blog and see the cute dolls I made..

  7. Loved this post. I laughed and laughed at the humor of what you saw! The cannon video was hilarious. There is no way I would have been standing there video taping. ROFL!!!

    Looked like LOADS of fun!!


  8. And you're right, the costumes were great!



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