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Sew here we go!

Well we got out the machine today and Hannah made her very first pair of culottes. She did so well and made way less mistakes than I did the first time I sewed on the machine. She followed instructions very well and was crazy excited when she finished.

We used a box pleat pattern and it turned out really nice. They are a little large but that just means she'll be able to wear them even longer.

I really want her to learn all these homemaking skills before she becomes a wife. I married knowing very little about how to be a good wife and I know my poor husband suffered a little because of that. He finally told me, "No more Hamburger Helper!".

Anyhoo, here's Hannah's first real sewing project and I'm proud of her, not to mention it lightens my load! :0)


  1. Hannah did a great job! I still have not braved a pair of culottes ;) I just ordered my oldest three girls each a pair from a visiting evangelists family that came to our church. Maybe one day I will learn ;)

    Have a great week!

  2. Great job, Hannah!!!

  3. way to go Hannah!!

    They look wonderful on you and imagine now all the pretty fabrics you can choose from ....


  4. You go, Hannah!! Keep it up! It will be worth it all! I think you did better than I did too on my first attemps. Your Mom did a great job tutoring you too!

  5. Great job Hannah and mom too for teaching her.

  6. Well done, Hannah! I'll bet we will be seeing more from this budding seamstress in the near future...


  7. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Way to go Hannah! She did a wonderful job.

  8. Great job, Hannah! I wore culottes a LOT when I was young.

    What pattern do you use?

  9. What a great mommy! Thanks sweetheart for taking the time to teach our little girl how to be a godly wife.

  10. Hey! Mom thanks for taking the time to teach me!

  11. Those are GREAT! a lady at our church is holding a "class" tomorrow to show us all how to make our own coulottes.. I am ever so excited....


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